21 January, 2013

The Asian woman sat behind of me during the evening mass

Ok, when I was in Zagreb, I encountered so many Asians like from Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, etc. I don't think it's a time of vacation. It just happened to see many people like that. Now, I'm in Medjugorje and trying to get some peaceful time for finishing my book here. It's just rare to see Asian here. Sometimes, there are some Italian groups.

When I was attending the rosary prayer, there was a group of people came and settled on the bench behind me. The woman sat right behind of me was an Asian and she was speaking the prayer in unknown language. Since I encountered so many Koreans, I thought they might be related with the gang stalkers. Just like the regular perps, these group behind of me did not take the communion. I added the rosary praying part a bit on the vid, so you can hear her speaking from the behind. Well, my prayer might be quite loud though. I speak A1.2 level Croatian and knows the Croatian prayer quite well :D

Well, I heard the V2K perps saying that those perps won't take the communion during their mobbing/surveillance job, they have some problem with their relationship with Jesus. I don't know what is the problem of those people, but I saw so many people not taking communion today. It was not like that during the morning mass though.

I hope I don't get perps harassing me. It was nice after sharing the perps just sat next me and baring the bench during the communion time while they did not move. You know, no TI want to be harassed inside of a church. Pace e bene, ok?