30 May, 2011

If you visit Fukushima, you might get contamination over 10,000CPM.

If you don't believe what I say, please watch out for the leaks in Japanese magazines. You never know how many Japanese already dead from the radiation working in the plant or living near the plant or even visiting Fukushima. The government won't tell how many if they are just the ordinal citizens. They can just forget about them as unwelcome casualties.

And I hope my warning won't be taken as scaring people. I am telling how the possibility would go from the past incidents and studies. Do you know how many strontium or plutonium is already released from the plant? How about the different radiation waves? How about the neutron beam nowadays? It's heard to make an estimation while some people hiding the data.


「全国の原発施設には、体内に取り込まれた放射性物質と、そこから出る放射線を測定する『ホールボディカウンター』が設置されています。実は福島第 一で事故が始まった3月11日以降、計測の結果、要精密検査となる数値の1500cpmの内部被曝をしている人が続出しているのです。しかも発覚した 4956件のうち、4766件は現場の復旧作業員でもなんでもなく、ただ『福島に立ち寄ったことがある』だけでした」


The reason why you should not believe what the Japanese government says are like this from the same article:
福島第一原発からは、いまでも水蒸気と一緒に放射性物質が飛散しています。福島県の住民の方々には、将来にわたって国にきっちりと責任を取らせるた め、被曝者手帳を持たせるべきです」(前出・藤井氏)

 ところが、国会で事実を指摘された細川律夫厚労相は、「1080人の子どもを調査し たところ異常はなかった。今後もホールボディカウンターによる調査を行う予定はない」と答えた。ここに至っても政府は、「直ちに影響はない」という姿勢を 変えようとしない。


さらに、「パニックになるから」(細野豪志首相補佐官)という理由で非公表になっていた、SPEEDI(緊急時迅速放射能影響予測ネットワークシステム) の被曝データ。地上から18m~20mで放射性物質を測定し、地表より検出される数値が小さくなっていることを黙っていた事実。そして、今回明らかになっ た、住民の大規模な内部被曝を物語る危機的な現実・・・。


And don't forget the #4 plant which is leaning. TEPCO is too busy finding a way to fix the plants. Typhoon season is coming. What if the building collapses after the season of rain to the typhoon? That can create more serious death counts and it probably reaches to the US in few years later with the Kuroshio current.
「4号機の建屋は、M7以上の大きな余震などにより、崩落する危険性があります。これが起きたら最悪の事態です。使用済み核燃料プールにある燃料が全部、 空気中に晒されることになる。これから補強工事をするということですが、もしも崩落が起きた場合、米国エネルギー省のブルックヘブン国立研究所によれば、 18万6000人が死亡するというデータもあります」

29 May, 2011

What you should eat in Japan?

It looks like some children are already getting the health problem as I expected. Here is one example. Some researchers are saying that 10% of the 1st generation Chernobyl children got genetic damage; "In
der ersten Generation findet man nur zehn Prozent der insgesamt zu erwartenden
genetischen Schäden." (Gesundheitliche Folgen von Tschernobyl p.10). And Fukushima surely got higher risk because the contamination level is higher than Chernobyl and the estimation should be done with much worse case. The incident is not yet finished and the contamination will remain probably till the next year. It is not my job to worry about what will happen in Japan. But I don't like to see everything fail by the hand of fools in the politics and academics, the bribery pigs and the intelligence. Look at what already happened. Elderlies abandoned in the hospitals and retirement centers died from the starvation. The part-time workers have been tricked and was forced to work in Fukushima nuke plant. I'm doing something to help the people who are really suffering.

If you cannot leave from Japan, there are few ways to change your life style to stay safe. Here are tips.

  • Buy foods that are not cultivated from Japan. Banana and Kiwi are definitely from abroad. Banana is often considered as a main food in some cultures, so it is a good alternative of rice and breads.
  • Eat European cheese. Some cheese are not so expensive by the sliced packs. They must be from European countries and the origin is labeled for the safety. Cheese are good alternative of the milk for calcium intake.
  • Foreign wines and liquors are also safe for drinking with no radio actives from Fukushima plant.
  • Foreign snacks are also good for keeping calorie.

My guess is that the small children in Japan will die within a year.

Based on what I read from the plutonium injection on human body, it often appears fast to the small children. It seems the ones who took it and had a long life are of middle to elderly ages. I don't know if some people take it as the combo meal with other radio active materials like cesium. The effect might be reduced through the time although it remain inside of the body especially in the bones. First symptom might be found in the lever area. How long people can live in Japan drinking and eating would be a really interesting study material for the scientists. I am sure the research is welcomed by the universities and the hospitals in Hroshima and Nagasaki. They had been doing the research on the nuke bomb victims for the USA.

The wise people should read the past experiments and learn about how bad things would go.

The Human Plutonium Injection Experiments

25 May, 2011

Can citizens report suspicious activities of strange groups (gang stalkers)?

I found a good article to share about the people capable of engaged in gang stalking. What if these people engaged in the surveillance turned into bullies and harassers? Because they are the one working with the authorities, the victim cannot get a help. The one probably will be treated as a suspect of something. In such case, I think the victim can share the information of the group or the people who are harassing. If the one is not doing anything wrong, the one does not have problem exposing what they are doing. If they cause psychological injury, the victim should be capable to share their victimization from the strange group as the possibility of the human right violation. In my case, I got DOD people stalking me. Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen at SJSU tried to claim it as a imagination, but the truth is the school psychiatrists can help claiming the victim as mentally ill - the result a human experiment for the DOD. They are probably creating the victims to be either suspect of something with their snitch jacket method or sending them for the latest human experiment in the psychiatric wards. The method is nothing new; COINTELPRO was done around the time MKULTRA was studied.

The victims should have right for exposing what is going on. We can laugh at the people trying to set up things to make the victim looks like a criminal or something suspicious. If they violate my human right first, I can share the information with my free speech. These groups need some suspicious people in order to get funds and keep their organization going. The victims can help them stop harassing innocent people with their hope of turning them into terrorists/criminals by sharing their ridiculous activities like high school kids bullying the weak.

We've looked before at suspicious activity reports (SAR database) and fusion centers that keep info on supposedly "suspicious" people, keeping watchlists that can be accessed by local law enforcement and other government agencies. Domestic surveillance seems out of control and ACLU's Policy Counsel on National Security, Immigration and Privacy, Mike German, has said as much: "The most disturbing thing we've uncovered is the scope of domestic intelligence activities taking place today. Domestic spying is now being done by a host of federal agencies (FBI, DOD, DHS, DNI) as well as state and local law enforcement and even private companies. Too often this spying targets political activity and religious practices. We've documented intelligence activities targeting or obstructing First Amendment-protected activity in 33 states and DC."

If you disobey the authorities, you will be claimed as a mentally ill by the psychiatrists

Some new disorders are added to the new edition of the DSM, the psychiatrists' bible. Here is the direct quorte from the article. If you question the authority and their bribery, you might be claimed as mentally ill from delusion. Isn't it wonderful for the people in power? If the CEO is blamed of failure in the project, he can just blame any employee for the mental illness. The pointy-haired boss in Dilbert can just claim anyone for mental disease to keep oneself save one's ass. If a worker got problem with his boss, he can be sent to a mental hospital and get fired with the disease. I wonder how many will be sent to El Camino Hospital (FBI/CIA related psychiatrists) for the human experiment in the silicon valley.

According to the new edition of the Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, this would include those who have “negativistic, defiant, disobedient and hostile behavior toward authority figures.” Other varieties of newly created mental illnesses included being antisocial, arrogant, or cynical.
If you don't obey the authority, Americans can be claimed as mentally ill. What a dictatorship. I would like to see who are the ones to be claimed of this disease. It's not a disease, but the behavioral issue with the certain authority figure. I wonder if the new disorder please President Obama to make people wondering about his birth certificate with some hundreds of layers done by Photoshop. We hope psychiatrists stop using their psychiatrists' bible and start working with the logics and sciences. If they don't know how implants can cause mental problem through the radio wave, they need some education to keep up with the high technology for their jobs.

24 May, 2011

Fukushima won against Chernobyl.

I assume everyone is amazed of how the Japanese government tries to tell the nuke plant accident in Fukushima was not serious. It was not serious at all to kill all Japanese. No body see the visible damages from the radiation exposure. Of course, such information will be kept inside of the hospitals and the local governments.

If you are planning to visit Japan, please read this information first. I translated them from the information in another website. The copy of the quotation on the linked website is below.

Water regulation

  • USA 0.1 bq
  • World level 1 bq (probably of WHO)
  • Chernobyl 10 bq
  • Japan 300 bq (300 times of the world level regulation)
Food regulation
  • USA 170 Bq
  • World level 10 Bq
  • Chernobyl 37 Bq
  • Japan 2000 Bq (200 times of the world regulation)
Space dose distribution
  • 1 mSv
  • 20 mSv
The soil standard
  • Chernobyl 493 Bq - above this level is forbidden for agricultural use
  • Japan 5000Bq - above this level is forbidden for planting

アメリカの水の基準 0.1ベクレル

世界の水の基準 1ベクレル

チェルノブイリの水の基準 10ベクレル

日本の水の基準 300ベクレル 世界の300倍


世界の食べ物の基準 10ベクレル

チェルノブイリの食べ物の基準 37ベクレル

アメリカの食べ物の基準 170ベクレル

日本の食べ物の基準  2000ベクレル  世界の200倍


世界の空間線量の基準 1ミリシーベルト

日本の空間線量の基準 20ミリシーベルト 世界の20倍


チェルノブイリの土壌基準 493ベクレル


日本の土壌基準      5000ベクレル

 ※これ以上は作付け禁止 チェルノブイリの10倍
Moreover, you must be aware of the actual radiation level higher than this. 1. The air sampling is done above 5 meter from the ground. 2. The soil sampling is done from the earth about 5cm below the surface.

Will any country including Russia and Belarus helps Japanese to migrate to somewhere else? The government is forcing the producers to sell vegetables and such around supermarkets in the country. If you go to Japan for sightseeing and you get a cancer in few years later, you can see how you visited the area worse than Chernobyl.

To be honest, I think the Japanese government can send the surplus products to North Korea which is suffering from the hunger. Some organizations say there is no health risk from the contaminated food, so it is a good way to finish something people not willing to consume. Also, if people actually die from the cancer and the radiation related diseases, no body knows because of the censorship. Moreover, the reduced population can be simply blamed of the dictatorship.

20 May, 2011

When will Japanese government corrupt and when will Russia starts to invite Japanese refugees?

I've heard some people on the net saying this simulation is quite accurate. Currently, the plan is at #7 and we are waiting to see the agricultural problem. The Japanese government is encouraging the citizens including children to eat the vegetables from the prefectures around Fukushima. The children got school lunches made from the foods from somewhere unknown - probably the local made and some from near Saitama if the local government is in the favor of buying from them. It's funny the management-type people gone mad and making all the calculation wrong to make everything worse.

When will countries start to allow Japanese workers' immigration? I'm waiting such good news. Then I can find a place to stay without having my fxxxin' Japanese citizenship. I don't know about Russia, but it got Catholic churches just like their own Russian Orthodox churches. I don't think the country a harsh place to leave. I'm expecting that Japan will no longer a place to live for humans if they keep spilling the nuclear waste.

And I am eager to see what they will drink during the summer time. June is the best place to get the contaminated shower just like eating "plutonium flavor" foods. If the children got lower grade, the teachers should give them some better credit as they are eating radioactive materials that can cause forgetfulness and other malfunctioning of the brain. I'm glad to stay away from Japan! Since I visited Ireland, I've been feeling the luckiest person on the Earth. Miracle happened to save my way to stay away from going back to Japan! Weee! :D


3月19日以前に策定された、ロシア政府の危機管理経済戦略シュミレーションを参 考にした方がより現実的だと思います。

① 本国巨大地震被害

② 福島原発事故発生

③ 東上空域大気汚染・放射性生成物質降下・海中垂れ流し汚染継続

④ 射性ヨウ素、セシウム等の高レベル汚染地域拡大→国内計測データ改竄と隠蔽

⑤ 産物、魚介類汚染・水質汚染顕在化・食品流通の混乱と麻痺・健康被害懸念

⑥ 毒プルトニウム検出・汚染地域地価暴落・汚染値過小評価隠蔽報道継続・海洋汚染拡散

⑦ 米協力要請・ストロンチウム90検出・原子炉制御不能・お手上げ状態で職員退避

⑧ 料汚染深刻化・食糧危機発生・食料配給制化・国内パニック拡大

⑨ 発崩壊・原発周辺農漁業壊滅・前期小児放射線障害疾患発現

⑩ 民大移動・治安悪化・暴動騒擾状態発生

⑪ 内生産力低下・円暴落・日本経済破綻状態

⑫ レベル政権崩壊・米軍再駐留と統治

⑭ロシア政府は放射線障害児童及びシベリア方面 日本人労働移住者受入開始(すべてルーブル決済)
Oh, if you have time to know the norm of how to take care nuke wastes, watch this movie. The nuke waste is not like something to keep it in one floor of the building. I'm mentioning about the Fukushima plant. It's nice to see the difference of how savages treating high-tech material in Japan and the scientists doing the wise decision.

NHKBS20110224 地下深く 永遠(とわ)に ~核廃棄物 10万年の危険~(Into Eternity)  from open_box on Vimeo.

19 May, 2011

The Nuclear contamination Hot Spots in Japan

Here is the paste of the post on the same page. It says the data is from Asahi Newspaper. It looks like Hikarigaoka in Fukushima city got higher contamination level than the Chernobyl's forced migration area. Places in Chiyoda-ku and Etou-ku in Tokyo also got higher level than the research saying that the cancer increase by 11%. Let's assume how many people in such area will get cancer in near future.

I'm not saying the people living in these area is not under serous threat. I'm warning people that the residents in these areas should be more careful with their life style and what they drink or eat. That way, they can be on the side of the 89% who don't get cancer from the contamination.

223 :@(大阪府):2011/05/18(水) 11:39:20.41 ID:zwLrn5XD0
Bq/kg (朝日新聞)
127 千葉 飯山市 4/20
358 千葉 千葉市JR千葉駅前  4/14
455 茨城 神栖市 4/20
484 埼玉 朝霞市荒川土手 4/10
1,147 東京 中央区築地 4/10
1,311 東京 千代田区皇居東御苑天守閣跡 4/10
1,327 千葉 千葉市千葉モノレール天台駅前 4/11
1,904  東京 千代田区二重橋横 4/10
3,201 東京 江東区亀戸 4/16
27,650 福島 福島市光が丘 3/19
     ( ´・∀・`) ヘー  ではm2に直してみようか

Bq/m2 (換算値)
8,255 千葉 飯山市 4/20
23,270  千葉 千葉市JR千葉駅前 4/14
29,575 茨城 神栖市 4/20
31,460 埼玉 朝霞市荒川土手 4/10
74,555  東京 中央区築地 4/10
85,215 東京 千代田区皇居東御苑天守閣跡 4/10
86,255 千葉 千葉市千葉モノレール 天台駅前 4/11
100,000 チェルノブイリ原発事故によるガンが統計的に11%増加する値(トンデル研究)
123,760  東京 千代田区二重橋横 4/10
208,065 東京 江東区亀戸 4/16
555,000 ベラルーシの強制退去区
1,480,000  チェルノブイリの強制移住区
1,797,250 福島 福島市光が丘 3/19

    ( ´・∀・`) ヘー 東京はガン10%増加くらいなんだ

The crazy contamination level legal limits in Japan

I found a very interesting post in a website sharing many information about the Fukushima nuke disaster. Here is the list of acceptable legal limits per 1kg. WHO's emergency limit to avoid the death from the starvation is 1000 Bq/kg. Notice the fishes and the "washed" vegetables have more than 8 - 54 times above the WHO regulation. The contaminated area cultivating the rice got the legal limit of 5000 Bq/kg. Well, combining the foods from abroad makes Japanese to have less contamination in their body.

By the way, there are some "hot spots" in Tokyo which got seriously high level of soil contamination like in Fukushima. Next post would be about such information. I hope people reading my blog get some understanding of how to stay safe in Japan.

67 :@(チベット自治区):2011/05/18(水) 11:24:27.66 ID:ZZCficiA0

************0.111 アメリカの法令基準 (水)
************0.5 ドイツガス水道協会
************1 WHO基準(水)
***********10  WHO基準(野菜)
***********10 日本の3月16日までの基準値(水)
**********100 日本の乳児飲用 に関する暫定的な指標値(水)
**********170 アメリカの法令基準(飲食物)
**********210 東京都金町浄 水場
**********300 日本の3月17日以降の暫定指標(水)
**********370 日本の3月16日までの基準値 (野菜)
**********965 福島県飯館村の水道水
*********1000 WHO基準 ←餓死を避ける為に緊急時に食べざるを得ない非常事態時の数値
*********2000 日本の3月17日以降の暫定指標(野菜)
*********3201  東京都江東区亀戸の土 4月10~20日 ←★
*********5000 汚染農地の稲作制限値
*********8300 千 葉旭市の水洗いした春菊 ←26日時点
********14400 福島産コウナゴ4/22 セシウム
********27650  福島市南部(同市光が丘)の土壌 セシウム 3/19
********54100 茨城の水洗いしたホウレン草 ←食べても直ちに健康に影響があるわけではない
********87000 原発付近の海底の土砂のセシウム137のみの数値 
*******158000  飯舘の学校の砂4/5ヨウ素  セシウム137は5万8000 セシウム134は5万4700
*******780000 浪江町の土壌 セ シウム134+セシウム137合計 5/6
******5190000 福島飯舘村の水洗いしてない雑草
***3900000000  3号機で作業員の足がつかった溜まり水
2900000000000 2号機の溜まり水

18 May, 2011

The Japanese regulation before and after

Here is the list of how the Japanese regulation on radioactive contamination changed before March 17th and after. The water contamination regulation by WHO is 1Bq/L and now Japan got I-131 for 300Bq/L. 300 times difference. And the Japanese academics are saying that the contaminations on vegetables can be washed away if they wash it with water. They don't know how to make a logic of washing something in a mad and make it still got dirty. Oh, I forgot to mention Cs-137. The Japanese regulation is 200Bq/L. Well, if you drink 1L of water, you might get up to 300Bq/L contamination of I-131 and Cs-137 for 200Bq/L. I don't know about the WHO's regulation is accountable for each element. Perhaps, if you add the possibilities of other nuclear elements including plutonium, the contamination would go up to around 1000Bq/L as the total amount of the health risk. Of course, the government officials can say that infants in Tokyo can drink the tap water once or twice.

How about cultivating potatoes? They need to sterilized to prevent the sprouting, and the contamination can make one process reduced for the packaging. And maybe the products can be sold to China as the country has the population problem.

WHO基準      1ベクレル(Bq/L)
ドイツガス水道協会 0.5ベクレ ル(Bq/L)
アメリカの法令基準 0.111ベクレル(Bq/L)

ヨウ素 I-131 10ベクレル(Bq/L) 
セシウムCs-137 10ベクレル(Bq/L )

●3/17以降・現在の日本の暫定基準 値
・ヨウ素(I-131)131  300ベクレル(Bq/L)
 飲料水 300 Bq/kg
 牛乳・乳製品 300 Bq/kg
 野菜類 (根菜、芋類を除く。 ) 2,000 Bq/kg
・セシウム(Cs-137)137 200ベクレル (Bq/L)
 飲料水 200 Bq/kg
 牛乳・乳製品 200 Bq/kg
 野菜類  500 Bq/kg
 穀類  500 Bq/kg
 肉・卵・魚・その他 500 Bq/kg


17 May, 2011

Russia's secret weapon

Check out this video clip. The Russians got something up in their hand. They don't want to get conflict with the Kuril Islands near Hokkaido in Japan. Also, at the border with Turkey to the East. The Russians seem to have weather controlling weapon. Americans got HAARP, but how about Russians? The interesting thing is that they mentioned about the recent Japan's tsunami disaster. Well, it's possible that the Russians could put a nuke in the holes that were made by the Ocean Drilling Program or done by the Japanese projects. That's how the artificial earthquake can created and tested even in Japan. But what is the weather controlling weapon? Is it something new technology? We don't know what chemtrails are for, and now we got something else comming from Russia?

14 May, 2011

Americans need the Freedom of Transportation

I don't know why Americans are more eager to give up their fundamental rights than asking to keep them with clarification. The Fed is manipulating the law to make things comfortable for the Bush Clan (the NWO supporters). First was "No-fly list" including the kids and elderlies who has no criminal records or any clear reason of forbidden to take a flight. And now they are making laws for demanding certain individuals to have to stay away from the Amtrak. Say, it sounds familiar if the list is full of blacks? For the current situation, it might be full of Muslims. It's much like the segregation law. If someone wants to make a list based on the skin color, the one can do it as the people on the lists cannot know why they are on the lists. What if the same goes with the people living in Hawaii listed on the "no-fly list"? They are no longer capable to go out from their islands. A perfect way to make segregation revived.

Isn't the bus companies in the South had similar policy protected by the state to have no colored people to be on board anywhere? During the segregation law, the colored people still had the chance to be on board in the limited area, but the the"no-fly list" and the "no ride list" policies do not have any option for the targeted people to be on board. I don't know if Americans have much worse time than the period with segregation laws. I hope the people listed on such lists have right to receive explanation why they cannot take the airplane or the train.

A senator on Sunday called for a "no-ride list" for Amtrak trains after intelligence gleaned from the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound pointed to potential attacks on the nation's train system.

Sen. Charles Schumer said he would push as well for added funding for rail security and commuter and passenger train track inspections and more monitoring of stations nationwide.


10 May, 2011



FamilyRadio.com has a Google Ad telling Jesus will come on May 21st, 2011. I don't know what kind of event they are planning, but it might be the use of old-fashioned "Project Blue Beam." The US government was planning to use aliens to show up for that one. It's not a big difference if they change the main character to Jesus. Of course, the holographic second coming is already known for the conspiracy theorists. I hope people don't follow something up on the sky in a strange way like how stars appear in the planetarium. And don't start war against Muslim or follow what it says. US government got God's Voice Weapon to make people hear microwave sounds pretending themselves as God or spiritual thing. The government also has the holographic technology. China, Russia, and other countries might have such technology already. So, be aware of the manipulation. First, you should communicate with the paster or the priests in your church. If you are a Catholic, you should check the information from Vatican. Don't follow the false information.

I'm just curious why FamilyRadio.com made such a strange rally video clip with May 21st of this year is the day. I saw the video clip and here I captured the scene. The billboards in the clip are all in Japanese though.








  会議室に寝泊まりしてプライバシーのない合宿みたいな生活は、まだ平気だった。しばらくするとリーダーが現れて何もかも仕切りだした。「きまり」が生まれ た。


 朝6時起床、夜9時消 灯。炊事当番。それはまだいい。乾いたおにぎり、味のないコッペパンが1日1個だけの食事。かと思うと、ジャムパンやアンパン、カップヌードルばかり3食 続いて胃腸がおかしくなった。家族が見舞いに来てくれたのを「よそ者を勝手に入れた」と面罵されたあたりで、耐え切れなくなった。

 南相馬 に戻ってみると、街の機能は停止していた。いつも使うスーパーやガソリンスタンドが開いていない。車で40分かけて、隣の相馬市まで行く。1週間に1度、 買いだめだ。主婦として悲しいのは、物価が高いことだ。 
(南相馬) (相馬)
・ガソリン1リットル 160円 148円
・ 牛乳1リットルパック 300円 198円
・たまご1ダース 300円 198円
・醤油1.8リットル 500円 398円

 「本当に不便です」。青田さんは嘆く。ふだんなら大型スーパーやドラッグストアが夜9時半まで営業しているので、仕事が終わった後に車 で乗りつけて買い物を済ませられる。それが今では、地元では値段が高くて買い物をする気になれない。


09 May, 2011

Workers in Osaka was told lie to work in the Fukushima nuclear plant

Who want's to work 12,000 yen per a day for 30 days in the nuclear plant in Fukushima? You can get a similar wedge in different jobs with less radio active contamination on your body. The article shares the story of a part-time worker who received the offer of workign 12,000 yen for 30 days as a 10 ton dump truck driver in Miyagi prefecture. However, his job was to remove rubbles at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Why people are recruited from Osaka to Fukushima? I guess that the worker's early death won't be counted with the relation to the radio active spreading in the nuclear plant. If the worker get a health problem in near future and remember where he worked in the past, complaining about the past work in a different job won't be good for such a working class person. If he tries to say it too late, he is probably considered as making a fake complaints to get a compensation from the TEPCO or simply ignored as mentally ill.

Where Fukushima 50 "brave" people disappeared? If they were really that much brave to be praised by the mass media around the world in the past, they should be showing up again. If they are already dead from the radioactive intake, people might want to make their statues for their braveness. Meanwhile, the TEPCO is recruiting part-time workers with false job listings...

日雇い労働者が多く集まる大阪市西成区のあいりん地区で、東日 本大震災後、宮城県で運転手として働く条件の求人に応募した男性労働者から「福島第1原発で働かされた。話が違う」と財団法人「西成労働福祉センター」に 相談が寄せられていたことが8日、関係者への取材で分かった。

 センターは求人を出した業者側の調査に乗り出し、大阪労働局も事実関係の確認を始めた。支援団体は「立場の弱い 日雇い労働者をだまして危険な場所に送り込む行為で、許されない」と反発している。

 関係者によると、センターが3月17日ごろ、業者からの依頼をもとに「宮城県女川町、10トンダンプ運転手、日 当1万2千円、30日間」との求人情報を掲示。応募して採用された男性は東北に向かった。

 ところが雇用期間中の3月25日ごろ、男性からセンターに「福島第1原発付近で、防護服を身に着けがれきの撤去 作業をしている。求人は宮城だったのにどうなっているんだ」と電話があった。

 これを受け、センターが雇用終了後に男性や業者側に聞き取りをしたところ、男性が一定期間、防護服を着て同原発 の敷地内での作業に従事していたことが判明した。

 東京電力によると、原発敷地内では同社の社員以外に協力会社の労働者ががれき撤去や電線敷設などの作業をする ケースがあるというが、センターは「男性の詳細な作業内容はつかめておらず、さらに聞き取りを進める」としている。

 労働者らを支援するNPO法人釜ケ崎支援機構は「初めから原発と言ったら来ないので、うそをついて連れて行った ともとられかねない。満足な保障もない労働者を使い捨てるようなまねはしないでほしい」と話した。

 あいりん地区は日雇い労働者が仕事を求めて集まる「寄せ場」としては国内最大とされる。同センターは大阪府が官 民一体で労働者の職業の確保などを行う団体。

2011/05/08 23:28 【共同通信】

08 May, 2011

The real lives of the nuclear plant workers in Fukushima

Since I have been posting the nuke plant accident related information from Japanese resources these days, may be I need to move these posts to another blog to keep them in one place. Like a blog only to post the nasty reality of Japan. Fukushima 50 was admired as heroes, but what happened now? Where they went? Did they die already from the radioactive contamination? People should not have a wrong image of Japan. There is no real Ninja working in Japan (they do have Ninja school for tourists though). Kamikaze solders were the scare crows to extend the dictatorship of Hideki Tojo in WWII.

The nuclear plant workers live in sleepingbags and blankets. They got instant foods, nstant noodles, vegitable juice, sausages, breads. One facility offers lunch box twice a week. One facility has shower once in four days, and other facilities has no shower system and the workers use the wet paper towel for wiping their bodies. The total number of the people in these facilities is 930. I don't know if the facilities got that much people living but this information is from the TEPCO's PDF. So, it must be accuate enough.





                                  以 上
It has been for few months and still the workers living like evacuees. They don't even give any snacks or sweets for treating the blave workers who might get cancers or serious ilness anytime. It's like Kamikaze solders, the management group uses the replacable workers as dead meats. But these workers might earn more than 200,000 yen per a day, so such ill environment might be equivilant for their earnings.

Can anyone send the workers some military rationss? Military rations include some snacks and the nutricious balance is better than eating instant noodles and breads. I hope the workers don't go mad through the malnutricion to become suicidal. It will be really dangerous for human kinds.

07 May, 2011

All animals within 20km distance from the nuke plant getting killed

Who wants to kill all animals within a range of 20km? Japanese government wants to do it in Fukushima. According to the article I noticed below, the animals to be killed includes the 3500 cows, 30,000 pigs, 100 horses, 600,000 chickens. Not only cattle is the subject of killing. The dogs and cats are also getting killed as soon as they are sighted.

During the evacuation process, the Fukushima residents are asked to leave their pets as the evacuation centers cannot keep animals. So, they left their pets at home. As a result, some dogs on leash died of hunger. Cats gone missing. The volunteers entered the area started to unleash the dogs to let them find water and foods by their own. Some people started to volunteer to feeds the abandoned pets. It's really sad that dogs and cats are getting killed because of their radiation intake. They did not do any harm to anyone. They lived in the area with the nuke plant, and their owners abandoned them. It's quite a sad ending for their lives.

The Japanese government has no hesitation to kill any animals including pets. What it can do for the Fukushima residents? They might be found hanged on trees to be looked as a mass suicide. I hope Fukushima evacuees have some way to survive in Japan or they might tracked down by the government officials and sent to slaughter houses special hospitals. 731 Unit did something similar during WWII, you know? The ex-731 units members were recruited into universities and chemical industries. So, they could do whatever they do in the university hospitals.

原発から20キロ圏内の動物たちはすべて殺処分にされることが決まり(4月26日)、もっか実行に移されつつある。牛が3500頭、豚が3万頭、馬が 100頭、鶏が60万羽(そのように報道された)、そして家畜ではない 犬や猫たちまでが、見つかり次第、次々と捕まって 薬殺されている。すでに餓死し たり衰弱していた動物たちを私は現地で目撃している。

 現地には、いま警察の機動隊の装甲車両 が大量に 結集しつつある。これは私の冷 酷な予測であるが、20キロ圏内はこれから高さ4メートルぐらいの 金網で二重に敷き詰められて完全に封鎖されるであろう。まるでベルリンの壁か、あるい は在日米軍基地の金網のような感じで完全に封鎖されつつある。

 この金網の 封鎖の地域に30キロ圏の飯舘村(いいたてむら)の、新たに 設定され強行されつつある「計画的避難区域」までも含まれるのか、はわからない。25日の枝野官房長官の記者会見では、「この区域までは封鎖(立入禁止) にはできない」と、言った。飯舘村の農民たちは、自分の牛を殺処分にされ、自分たちもこの地を追い立てられていくことに怒り悲しんでいる。私は現地でその 様子を見てきた。

 私が、自分の脳で2週間、悩み苦しんだ末にわかった真実は、動物たちの殺処分だけでなく、この原発から20キロ 圏内に暮らしていた福島の住民たちに対する、恐るべき政治的殺処分が行われようとしているのである。そのことに私はようやく気付いた。このことに 気付くのに2週間かかった。なぜ自分の脳がこれほどに異様に苦しむのかがようやくわかった。

06 May, 2011

Children from Fukushima dying in the hospitals in Shizuoka

I think everyone is expecting the effect of the radioactive contamination from the Fukushima nuke plant starting from 5 years or later. But it seems some people are started dying already in Japan. I don't know these news are true or not. But it's worth to share for preparing the worst.


今まで、福島原発の水素爆発による被曝で、亡くなった方が沢山いるのに、全く公表されていない、パニックにならないよう配慮されているとか、因果関係を調 査中であるとか、言われるそうです。
その方の友人のお子さんは、小学校5年生で、被曝当時は福島県久ノ浜にいたそうですが、静岡県の病院で亡くなったそうです(鼻出血など放射線障害の急性期 症状で)。母親があまりにもショック状態で、病院名や経過など、詳しくはとても聞けなかったそうですが、その静岡の病院には他にも同じ症状の子が沢山いた そうです。
私は大学病院に勤めていたことがあるので分かりますが、職務上知り得た情報は一切他言できないので、この情報は患者家族からしか伝わってこないと思いま す。しかし、例えば私の子供は、ポリオ予防接種2回目で全身蕁麻疹が出てステロイド点滴で一命をとりとめた時も医師から、「蕁麻疹は原因不明の病気ですか ら」とポリオが原因にならなかったことから、患者家族が因果関係を証明するのも、他者が個人情報を調べるのも、難しいと思います。今回の被曝による死者多 数の話も、行政や病院側が隠せば、また「デマに注意しましょう」と言われると思います。
被曝された方々やご家族に配慮しながら、真実を知らなければならないと思います。作業員の方の情報も隠されていないか心配です。何か情報がありましたら、 よろしくお願いします。


(http://www.asyura2.com/11/genpatu10/msg/539.html, original is from this site http://ameblo.jp/datsugenpatsu1208/entry-10882381802.html)

If you ask Japanese government, you won't get the reality of what is going on. If the official says they finished something, that does not mean it is already done. The below article shows how the government officials did not know some people could not escape from the area. A hospital was asked to evacuate, but the workers could not help the evacuation of the people cannot move. So the workers left with the people who can move by themselves. Then SDF came with a bus and the solders helped to move the people abandoned in the hospital. The transportation would be only 70km distance. However, it took 6 hours due to going around the nuke plant area. Meanwhile, 2 people died inside of the bus. When the bus arrived at the high school, but it was just a high school and had not enough medical care for the people. The worst part of this article is that there were still more people abandoned in the hospital. These 90 people had nothing to eat for 3 days and 10 of these died later. This happened because the prefecture official stated that the evacuation from the hospital was finished. So, don't expect a Japanese official says always correct.
鈴木院長によると、そのころ病院には患者ら約90人と院長ら病院職員4人、警察官、自衛官が残っていた。原発事故は深刻化し、陸自も救出に来ない。 自衛官は原発の爆発後、「戻らなければいけない」と病院を離れたという。15日午前1時ごろには警察官から「逃げるしかない」と言われ、患者を残して隣の 川内村に避難。同6時にも爆発音があり、警察官から「戻るのはあきらめた方がいい」と諭されたという。県警幹部の一人は「最初の救出の後、自衛隊がまた来 るという話があったので待っていたが、来なかった(から退避した)と聞いている」と話した。

 一方、原発近くのオフサイトセンターでは陸自の幹部が焦っていた。救出担当部隊から「双葉病院にはまだお年寄りがいる」と連絡があったのに、行政 の職員は「県警から避難は完了したと聞いている」の一点張りだったからだ。15日午前に病院に行くと、院内各所に寝たきりの患者がおり、異臭に包まれてい た。幹部は「少なくとも患者一人一人の名前が分かり、カルテがあれば、もっと救える命があったはず」と話す。

 陸自に救出された約90人は同県伊達市や福島市の避難所に向かったが、その前後に計10人が死亡。福島赤十字病院によると、患者は3日間何も食べ られずに脱水症状を起こしていた。


If more people from Fukushima die in near future, the government official might say as the PTSD or something of personal health problem. I guess the government officials would pretend not to know the number of the people died from the Fukushima evacuees. That would be the easiest choice to stay away from the government responsibility on the nuclear accident. Nobody is taking responsibility on the accident nor the radioactive contaminated water dumping.

01 May, 2011



「原発推進派と批判派の溝は深いと思います。原発に批判的な発言をする反体制派だと見なされると、学内でも様々なアカデミックハラスメントを受けた。講演 に行けば、電力会社の人間が尾行につく。同じ電車に乗ってくるし、だいたいいつも同じ人間だからわかるんです。講演内容を録音して、私の主任教授などに届 ける係の人までいましたから。そうなると研究室でも安斎とは口を利くなということになる。京大の小出さんや今中さんたちのグループも同じような経験をして いるはずです。