30 September, 2013

Some Turkish? speaking man at the cafe and begging kids at KFC in Sofia

I'm taking a night bus to Bucharest tonight. I'm thinking to finish my books there in few weeks. Foods and living costs are cheap. I could write some horror stories for some fun. I got my books half done and now I need to get a place for concentration. I'll write some short stories and a mid length doracula story for a short book. I will finish one of the short story in the bus for a challenge and I will share that one later. If you like it, you would buy my book.

Ok, here is the video from today killing my time in a cafe and KFC. I got some Turkish? speakers sitting next to me drinking few glasses of beer for few hours. I was just playing FB game and working on my book. Also, I saw a woman with the same Eee PC white color sat behind of me.

At KFC about 10 minutes ago, two boys showed up and one of them asked money. Another one just stood in front of my table later and he then asked me time. He was glancing my jacket on the table so I shouted him to "get out" before he decides to steal something. Sofia got so many beggars just like Brussels. I think the police should create a Beggar Index for checking the activities of the local and foreign beggers in the city. It helps to identify the pickpockets and thieves, also.

29 September, 2013

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 29, 2013

The area where I'm staying in Sofia has many Neo-Nazi grafitti. I don't know why they got so many. As far as I know, the synagouge near Halite Mall got windows bared just like the one in Budapest. I don't know their relationship with Frankfurter Gang or other Neo-Nazi type groups.

I saw many Asian groups today. I did not see so many black people like yesterday. Ah, I saw a woman with German flag logo bag at night.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 28, 2013

Here is the OSAM video from yesterday. It's almost 3am and need to sleep already. You can see a possible pickpocket pair in Sofia. I bought some foods at Halite Shopping Mall and was eating at the bench nearby. Two female sat on the same bench next to my bag. There were plenty of spots to sit down but they sat so close to me and I've heard the noise from my bag. So I started filming before something happens. Near Halite Shopping Mall, someone stole my wallet on June 9th? this year and I reported that one. I don't know what these two women doing but they might be the part of the pickpocket ring in Sofia. They just left the area so quickly.

Also, you can see one group of Germans and a man with German flag logo cap in the video. They are not eating bananas, but you will find some blacks walking around on the street and Arabic speakers around.

27 September, 2013

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 26, 2013

Here is the video from yesterday. I saw a man with Wegner brand 2 bags in the same bus. He sat on the same bench as I while waiting at the bus station. Also, there was a man paid a 100 dollar note to get the bus to Sofia. He only had a small sport bag. When I put my large suitcase, the man helping to put the luggages in the compartment made a joke about asking if I have battery. Is this related with the sudden stop of my Rolex Oyster 2 days ago? It has been working fine since 2000 or 2001. Here is the video from yesterday. You know, I'm not a suspicious one as I share the information. And what happened to that guy with US currency around in Budapest? He is more likely to be working for the false flag operation. Remember Earth First! day bombing.

This time, I'm not heading to Istanbul which go so many Muslims in the city. It has many churches but too many Muslims make me to feel unsafe.

26 September, 2013

OSAM September 25, 2013 - part 3

Here is the part 3. I have one more, but I share this one while I'm packing my stuffs.

OSAM September 25, 2013 - part 2

Here is the second part of the video. There was a strange 1000fl note I had probably from the change. I share more later. I'm traveling to another country tonight and must check out first and spend some time somewhere like a cafe. If I get WIFI, I will share more.


OSAM September 25, 2013 part 1

Yesterday, I got 8000fl fine from the bus ticket checker. It happened when I was following the free tour guide from the hostel I'm staying. Say, that hostel seems to have only one guest - me - now. Well, I often encounter those ticket sellers and it was just a strange way to get fined. At least, the perps want to charge more or cheating on the change or trying to make me pay fine. They could make up the rumors of me if they can keep trying to find a way to make me pay fines for riding bus or metro without a ticket to claim me as swindler or something to add other possible crimes like shoplifting or thefts. If you see my video, it happened accidentally and that is not usually happen like this way.

Also, you can see some German cars in Budapest in the video. I don't know why I find German cars around still.

21 September, 2013

Muslim beggars and an abandoned suitcase on the street of Brussels

Brussels got so many pickpockets and Muslim beggars. Muslim beggars doing it in family might be the cause of pickpockets and thefts because of their bulky clothes. You never wanna suspect the Muslims who are supposed to be oppressed from the anti-terrorism stereotyping. However, if they are begging on the streets and looks like very short in money and everything, they could be easily turned to become criminals or start helping the terrorists for small money. What's wrong of sharing such problems? My suggestion is that Muslim beggars should be sent to Saudi Arabia where the government can pay money for the pilgrims. It works perfectly to help beggars not in the area of Christians and begging outside of the Catholic churches or in the train stations.

I saw one abandoned empty suitcase on my way to the police station to pick my passport back. How many suitcases are stolen and left like this way?

And some Muslim beggars on the same street. How many of them sitting there and saw who left the suitcase and such.

Not only Muslims begging, OK? There are more beggars in the normal clothes.

Berlin cars at Köln

I think I often see cars from Berlin in my gang stalking case if they are German perpetrators. Also, there are cars from Munich, too. It sounds like how the pro-American perps use "New York" state license plates in other countries such as Montenegro to other cities in Europe for showing off their status of immune to the policing.

Here is the pics from September 17th to 18th time in the hostel parking lot in Köln. I don't know anything about OTIS, the German company brought so many company cars from Berlin. Köln is a bit far away for making a business trip for the meeting from Berlin. You can imagine why those cars with Berlin license numbers were there. Did they make a company auto race?


20 September, 2013

2 FBI logo cap I saw yesterday

The gang stalkers often use FBI, Police, Polizei, NYPD, NYFD, Security logos for the sensitization. I saw one guy with FBI logo the day after yesterday and 2 yesterday. Here is the video of those people. Do they related with the theft of my leather bag? I'm a gang stalkers' human tracking victim, so they might know who stole my leather bag.

Brussels Nord train station has so many Muslim beggars

I went to Brussels Nord train station yesterday to pick up my passport which went missing in the police station. Here is the view of how I found my way to the police station. It's quite old fashioned train station and they don't have a clear police sign. They have WC sign more visible. If they have over 13+ theft reports everyday, they should have a visible police sign.

You can see, there are some Muslim family begging together in the train station. It's quite dangerous as the city is famous of pickpockets. And I wanna know their relationship to the theft of my leather bag yesterday at the ticket seller. If they are working together as a criminal ring in the city, they might know who stole a L.L. Bean old leather bag yesterday. You know the logic. And I'm doing some thing good for the community. Usually, I encounter Muslim beggars when there are more gang stalkers around in my case. They might know how to find Al-Quaeda in the city, perhaps :D

The police officers returned my passport to me at Brussels Nord police station

Yesterday, I visited the police station to report the leather bag theft at the ticket seller in the Brussels Nord train station. Later I found my passport missing. I thought the police officer forgot to return my passport after making the report. I went to the police station and I encountered a bunch of Muslim women in a family group hanging and begging around in the train station. I managed to make my way to the police station without robbed or pickpocketed this time. I can share more vid tomorrow as it's too late now. I would be in Brüssels with Wifi at my hotel.

At the police station, I had to wait long time to get someone answer. There was a man entered the police station and he said someone who speaks English will answer at the interphone but no one did. Later, a man showed up from the door and I made the conversation. He told me that I should go to the embassy if I lost my passport. I talked with him longer and made a big persuasion to search the station. The police officer had a blue Japanese passport with a man's name facial picture and family name Tokunaga. I told him mine is a red one. I also asked for filing the passport lost report and telling him the last time I saw my passport was in the police station when I submitted it to the police officer. He went in and I was about to talk about my COINTELPRO in Deutschland blog contents and the NSA's headquarter in Brussels which I learned from a book about NSA. The police officer showed up and returned my passport to me. Well, here is almost entire information of what happened outside of the police station. Enjoy watching.

Police Officer at Brussels Nord train station... von f100001011753856
How many passports are kept in the Brussels Nord train staion? They might have plenty of them as there were 2 Japanese passports inside already.

19 September, 2013

The teenagers at the hostel in Köln talking about Habibi in the elevator

There were only 2 hostels available with less than 50€ per night. I stayed in the hostel with 4 bed female dorm room for about 31€. It's very expensive like in London. Munich has a hostel with that price for one bed room with shared bath. There were some business groups and young ones. When I took the elevator full of young people and I kept my film on for my security, the young men inside of the elevator started talking about Habibi(lovers in Arabic or Turkish). They are totally German looking and none of them looked like Muslim nor Turkish. The guy next to me was making a joke like my mother is habibi.

So, here is the video. The young perps often complain about the Christian priests or TIs about molesting and flirtation. Here is one example of how suddenly people making a joke like that with Habibi thing.

Arabic speaking Germans at the hostel in Köln von f100001011753856

No Interenet in the big hostel in Köln and 2 suspicious Asian women from yesterday

Here is the video of the evidence of how I could not use the Internet yesterday night at the hostel. I wanted to try the iCloud in Subway in the city but it was a bit complicated and I was expecting to use the wifi at the hostel. It costs 1.50€/h. But the Internet did not work. The hostel was generous and the clerk said it would be free of charge but you know, it did not work. It does not matter for me if it is free or charged. I could not sign in at all and it was at least nice that they did not charge me for few hours which I did not use. Gang stalking skit can go that bad, you know.

And at the reception area, I saw two Asian women. I saw only 2 Asian women in the big hostel which got so many guests and groups. They stood behind of my suitcase, so I filmed them. It was about 10am and my leather bag was stolen at Brussels Nord train station in less than 4 hours. Are they related with the gang stalking or mafia? Anyway, here is the proof of my suitcase. The V2K perps saying that they want to make up things like "they are stolen items" and trying to steal them back for their "let's pretend..." game.

Hostel in Köln had no Internet and 2 Asian... von f100001011753856

My L.L.Bean leather bag was stolen at the ticket seller in Brussel Nord train station

Yesterday, I was in Köln. I attended the evening mass at the cathedral. The problem was that I had no Internet working at the hostel north of the Zoo. If you check the availability of the hotel and hostels of 16th to 17th, you will see no other places available. And I had problem finding a room in Brussels as well. Here is what I saw on the reservation for yesterday and today. My search includes hostels and under 45€ range.

In the train, there were many UK senior people around as a big group speaking English. When the train was at Köln, all the seats got reservation sign to Brussels on. But when the train started moving, the sign went off of all the seats. So, I found a spot and sat down. There was a cheap old bag and a hat left on the seat. I sat next to it and filmed that situation for the possible skit of theft claim. I saw a man sat on the right from the second raw from where I put my suitcase walked up from behind of me and saw the bag there and left. So, I guess he might be related for the bag. I filmed the people around in the vehicle, so you can see who would be responsible for that bag or why there were so many UK people. Since Bonn was where the British Army occupied after the WWII, the gang stalkers surveillance team might be showing the ratio of the UK perps near Köln. I will add this film later after making the whole movie short.

The train arrived at Brussels Nord around 1.30pm. I walked around and found the ticket seller. I went there and was waiting on the line after a group of French speaking black young women. Then, there was a man showed up started shouting at the counter. I thought it was one of the perp's skit and filmed him for the evidence. At my turn, I was talking to the clerk and when I tried to pick up my leather bag and suitcase, I found my bag missing. So, I started shouting around to look for the possible thief. I think I saw two men stood around near my luggage while I had the V2K of noticing about the man shouting. Just before that, I had the V2K perps saying that the bag is really old so no one would steal it. Well, that would be the trick they wanted to play. You know, perps can make people not to be aware of the certain things even in the ticket seller with so many people around. Anyway, I was able to file the case and here is the video and the copy of the report. You know, I think the entire thing might be a skit done by the perps - in the train someone left a backpack alone and at the train station my bag was stolen. This reminds me of how 2 German women showed up in the hostel in Sofia where I rented one bed room with shared bath and someone pickpocketed my wallet there next day. These German women were talking about renting a car and got bar on their car on the next day. I had my Egyptian drivers license with my Egyptian church membership card in the wallet. Both written in Arabic, and the wicked perps might want to use the driver license for the Muslim suspicion or something. This often happens to make people suspect and people usually say that thing is stolen already. I'm sharing what was stolen here.

In the leather bag, I had: 1. Croatia logo side bag with the broken zipper since my last stay in Munich Hostel one bed room. 2. red Maglight, 3. Scissors, 4. HP laptop broken since my stay in Zurich where German cars parked nearby, 5. my cosmetics, 6. hand fan bought in Tarsus 7. Some small bags bought in Tarsus for the gift of my Catholic friends. 8. some pens and such.

My LLBean Leather Bag Theft At Brussels Nord von f100001011753856

15 September, 2013

OSAM - September 14th, 2013

To make the long story short, here is the video from today's event. The bathroom faculty next to the cathedral in Zagreb now has a cleaning woman who demands tip for the use. The bathroom is free for the people and I visit the evening mass every day for last few days. I visited there before the guard parade for the weekends. At that time, I saw the line of German and Italian tourists. When the German men left the bathroom, the cleaning lady inside was complaining something. The tip requirement started from that time, though.

When I was praying rosary in the St. Francis church nearby, the baptism ceremony started. There were two men sat behind of me and were praying rosary quietly. There were only us who came for the prayer not for the baby's family on the ceremony. Then an Asian woman came and sat on the bench across the aisle. She was alone and later moved to the pew in front of me for taking the picture.

At KFC in the shopping mall near Sopot, I saw the clerk behind the food keeping area behind the counter took one wrapper and one Longer back after I ordered something else of the BSmart menu for 13kn. I could eat something else, but they must prepare behind and I do not want someone putting spat or something as the V2K perps say. 

At the evening mass after the rosary in the cathedral, I've heard the two old woman talking from the pew behind. One of them was saying "ja" for the answering, so she might be helping the Germans.

Well, you can see the rest. It's quite long. At the end, you will see a woman checking the ticket in the tram. I haven't encounter one while I was taking the tram after the evening mass everyday or something. I used the one day ticket for today, so it might be the reason the perps summoned the ticket checking woman in the tram I would take.

14 September, 2013

A Japanese tourist group showed up in Konzum at Kaptol

I saw many Japanese tourist groups yesterday. They were in a small group of 3 to 5. It was the same for the Chinese or Vietnamese tourists groups. I can share a large German tourists with a guide near the stone gate later in the OSAM video. Here is the Japanese group.


September 13th Friday 2013 - Muslim women showed up in front of the Cathedral in Zagreb

Yesterday was Friday and it was September 13th. I encountered many Japanese and Chinese family tourists and a small group of Muslim women. I think I encountered 2 Muslim women in the street in Zagreb on Friday before. It happened again. I did not see them entering a church like in Freising or Istanbul. I'm suspecting them as the perpetrators. Why they were only hanging around in a female group in Croatia? I bet they might experience some danger if it was late night. Who wanna see Muslims on Friday the 13th at night? For some people in Croatia, it would be like seeing undead or zombies, you know.

12 September, 2013

OSAM from today

Here is the OSAM video from today. I encountered 2 Japanese women just like yesterday. I don't know why some Asians hanging around in a pair or three. Usually, Japanese people go abroad in a group instead of a family.

You can enjoy Germans hanging around outside Wok 'n Walk restaurant and some German cars as well in my regular OSAM video these days.

11 September, 2013

The strange white part in my CT scan cleared as metal parts by a doctor

I visited few hospitals today. I went to some dentists and made my way to the right one with the x-ray. They did not have the full jaw x-ray device, so I went to another place specialized for that. They took the x-ray for 200kn (approx. 38€). I went to an Otlaryngologist but I had to make an appointment for the evaluation of the white intensive matter in my right nasal area. I go tomorrow.
So far, the dentist looked at the CT scan and said that the white part on my lower jaw is metal parts. She asked me if I had jaw fracture in the past and it ended up there. Another option was that the CT scan was of someone else.

Well, here is my full jaw x-ray pic. You can see the abnomal shape of my right maxili sinus. It might be related with something in my tooth on the upper right areas. I will meet the dentist tomorrow for the explanation and also for the evaluation of the nasal area by another doctor.

10 September, 2013

Christian girl dismembered alive in Syria by the Obama troops

There is an article saying that a Christian girl was dismembered while she was alive in Syria. There are Christian villages in Syria as well as Muslim ones. I hope Muslim Obama is not taking out Christians for the war against Syria.


I think Christians in Syria should be seeking refugee in Lebanon by now. Lebanon has many Christian populations, so that country is easiest choice for them as long as the Syrian Christians are targeted for the political opponents or something by the church.

09 September, 2013

My "Journey with Mary" small prayerbook is missing

I took the bus trip to Zagreb from Zader today. It's raining. In the bus, there was a man probably at the age of college or university student sat next to me. He did not leave the bus at the rest area. He was the only one who did not leave the bus. There was a guy with a T-shirt with some Japanese characters sat on the seat across the aisle from me.

At the rest area, there were many German cars. I saw a Muslim woman with some kids showed up from a German car.

I don't know how my "Journey with Mary" book went missing. I think I had it till Zadar as I saw the book in my belongings in the last trip and had it in the mass at St. Paul Cathedral in Tirana.

07 September, 2013

Japanese perp names from their passports

Ok, here are the names and the pics of the Japanese perp passport from the recent trip. There were bunch of Japanese men showed up in the bus and made the nearby seats filled with Japanese speakers. I bet they are working for the economic hitman for Japanese government. Other wise, why there were so many Japanese - only men - traveling? What is their relationship to the Japanese Public Safety or Mafia?

Names are:
Asami Keisaburo
Nozu Hiroshi
Ichikawa Norihiro


OSAM Septempber 6th, 2013

Here is the video from yesterday. I'm quite busy writing my book at the beach. Got quite good pics of the ocean, too.

Yesterday, I took a bus and saw the same 2-yr college Chinese character logo man from day before at the beach. He took the bus with others and there were so many German speakers in the same bus to Zadar main bus station. When I went to the beach, I saw a German couple snorkeling nearby. I went to listen the sea organ and German family hanging around behind of me. 2 German women sat next to me there. Also, there was a German family with 2 kids sat behind of me. Too many Germans around me. Should I change these video names to Germans Around Me instead of Organized Stalkers Around Me?

05 September, 2013

Germans around me

I'm ok now. I'm thinking to upload some OSAM videos but I got short time here. I've got some perps around and no Internet in my place. I'm moving to another place for few nights before my trip to Zagreb. It's better to pray at the churches holding some famous saints' relics in Zadar. I saw two German boats showing up at the ocean organ area. I'm thinking to record the ocean organ for my use. The melody is so relaxing. So far, no damage to my stuffs. It's always feel better to pray in the churches big and so famous.  I attended two masses already and feel refreshed to stay focused on reading more prayers and such. Germans around me still doing some sick works and I'm thinking to record what the priests would preach in during the mass if they are helping the gang stalkers. I saw someone with Hanya tattoo, which is usually used by the Yakuza members. The guy is white but he might be a mafia member.
When I was using the wifi in a cafe, 4 girls speaking German hanging around at the bus station in front of it. They did not take a bus but just hanging around with ice cream on their hands. I guess someone might bought ice cream for them and asked to do the surveillance. A typical perp rewards for the childish activities, right?
My next post would include funny OSAM videos. I need to go home and make some and pack my stuff.

04 September, 2013

So many Japanese males in the bus to Dubrovnik

I'm in a wifi spot in Dubrovnik. When I took the bus from Budva, there was an Asian man with a business hat rode it. Later, some people rode the bus and more of them are Asian males. I took the picture when they rode as I was aware of them messing with my suitcase for the small tampering. After the custom, the passport was returned from the front and I just kept my camera on for the safety purpose as someone might damaged mine or missing. I could not find mine for awhile till someone found it in the back. I don't see how it was found there. The perps probably could not steal it as the bus must go through Croatian custom and we need the passport there. I would be in Zadar tomorrow and heading to Zagreb or find a doctor there to get some x-rays before getting RF scanning. I think I need to check the nasal area for  what the eye-ball size white intense matter there or the white spots in my lower jaw. Croatian doctors can speak English, so it is possible to get English explanation of what they are.

I got a spot for charging my pc. I will update some of the Japanese passport pics for my own safety. You know, I have been a human tracking victim. I don't wanna be harassed or kidnapped by the gangs or yakuza people.

One of the German car today: BB OB 78.



03 September, 2013

Suspicious Asians (2 Asian women and 1 man) showed up yesterday

I took a bus to get to Montenegro. I'm in a live music bar for the Wifi now. I spent some time for relaxing in the beach. Nothing stolen so far from my bag as I was checking it all the time. When I settled down, I saw the people suddenly showing up near where I put my towel at the beach. I took pictures of them for the OSAM video of today.

Well, yesterday, I took few buses to Budva. At the first bus, a German couple rode the same bus. Then at Shkoder, the taxi drivers told me that the next bus would be at 4pm instead of 2.30pm which was on the Internet. So, I ate poke chop in the restaurant next to the big  mosque to make fun of it. You can do that there and have more fun in a group. In the bus to Ulcinj, I saw an Asian man sat in the bus. I noticed he has a Japanese passport and his first name might be "Yosuke" while someone helping to return the passport after the custom. He seemed to be speaking English with some accent and I heard him traveling to Podgorica. I don't know what happened to him, though. He had only a backpack, so I assume he might be one of those perps working with German perps. Germans got those perps who travel in small backpack and not really rich. I need time to get to another place near Belgium, so I'll add more when I got time. 

01 September, 2013

What do you think of the German couple's bag and mine? Too similar, aren't they?

From the V2K perps these days, I've learned that the perps have the intention of stealing my bags. I got my broken HP laptop in the leather side bag and some bibles in my backpack. Also, I'm using a Jack Wolfskin sidebag for the everyday use. I keep my netbook and few prayer books with me all the time. But I cannot bring all my bibles and others everywhere, you know. The V2K perps warned that they want to steal my netbook which is so impossible and hard drives - I keep one with me in the side bag. I could upload some more information but somehow I got addicted to FB game again for the fright - to get relaxed to forget the stressful gang stalking thing. Also, I added some more for the Gang Stalking in Churches book. I'm slow on it despite of the page numbers. It's quite enough but I need to add more information about more crucial patterns and other analysis to make it a big volume. My fictional gang stalking book sharing the samples in English and different from the Japanese version is now about 21k words. Not bad, huh? It got so many insights and how the perps would be thinking while they are engaged in the gang stalking.

Well, another issue is that the perps might be interested to kidnap me to give me an electroshock on my right forehead or strong static electroshock to the same area.These people say that now the Chinese cops are working with them here. I don't know if that is true or not. Also, the Chinese might be helping the assassination of my parents in Japan. They would be thinking like this; if they do not send me a new bank cards from Japan, I cannot get money for the living. So, their scenario of claiming me of prostitution for making money out from stealing or selling my body would be suited for my living. You know, the perps include the Muslim extremists and some church goerers. They could be using such claims on their victims for all the time. You know, people selling the body would be expelled from the Catholic churches and that would be fun for the Muslims. I've heard the cops using the Muslim women like prostitute and putting them under control like sex slaves. I don't know that is true for the Islamic nations. But that sounds suited for the cops if they are corrupted.

Ok, here is a German couple's side bag I saw this morning.

This is what I have for my side bag. Notice my bag has Jack Wolfskin logo. My leather bag is L.L. Bean and got zipper part damaged at Schöllhammer family's apartment in Munich. My backpack is also of Jack Wolfskin. 

Don't you think they are quite similar? I wanted to make sure my belongings won't be stolen this time. I got Germans going around and even following me in a group sometimes. I got my Swiss flag design Moon brand wallet stolen in Sofia. So, I'm being extremely careful.