30 November, 2007

Local Police Involvement in Organized Stalking.

Yeah, we live in the time that socialism, fascism, and communism working for the good of power elites and their companies. The common folks are to be exploited.

When I visited the local police office today to pick up the returned packet, the one of the police officer searched my room just walked into the post office. Coincidense? How they were pleased to know their searching my room video was not viewed by the chairwoman of Human Right Commission of the European Perlament. Anyway, my filing the case to the International Criminal Court is valid - as I received the case refference. At least, my second mail including the local police activities to them won't be returned for sure.

So far, 3 packets returned.

The picture shows which organization/person could not receive my evidences. The chairwoman of Human Right Commission for Euro Parlament, Human Rights Watch in Geneve, Switzerland, International Institute of Human Rights.

You better try other place to send your evidences. NO LAWYER IS REPLYING ME. ONLY LOCAL POLICE ARE APEARING WHEREVER I GO. Well, I thought Switzerland is a democratic country... It sounds much like in Communist or Fascist country. Anyway, I would contact with some other human right / religious rights caring people.

Nowadays, it seems religious workers are only caring about money.. We cannot serve two masters, you know. If you serve to money, you cannot keep faith in God - as it is written in the Bible.

28 November, 2007

Perps are fools.

I was cooking this afternoon, a perp asked me to rent my knife. Later I found out that he was using its edge for opening his mp3 player.

26 November, 2007

Made a flim clip for 101606 Incident.

I made this film clip yesterday. This was a bit tough task as I had to figure out how to use Movie Maker with German buttons and commands. Well, this is my first try for film clip making.

I got a new room mate this afternoon. She wore pretty good clothes and have her hair set. I do not know why the refugees around me not looks like what we often have about the image of asylum seekers. Well, I am an exception, so do they, I guess. My ex-roommate left 3 German (not of Switzerland) McDonald's poster in the room. It would be a good chance to see how they are working together. 24hr surveillance on a perp? That is what I got as my opportunity.

25 November, 2007

How many people have Our Lady of Guadalupe in their back pack?

So, how many people have Our Lady of Guadalupe picture around me? As it is written in the Bible, making fun of Load is the worst crime for anyone.

24 November, 2007

Summary of Monarch: The New Phoenix Program, here for the wannabe-readers of the book.

I made this summary as one of the Japanese TI asked me a translated version. To not violate the copyright, I made the English version first to make sure I did something similar to the posting on Cliffs Note. I never thought I am learning so match about the dark-side history of the US these days. Now wonder the owner of Euro Registry has changed, and they did not give me my account information for my registered addresses. Yeah, I could contact with them in future as mine supposed to cover another 3 ½ years. If I.P. Domain registration fee goes to CIA and DOD, then it make sense that why they tried to block my access to my address!

Well, I missed the time I was playing with my TI-89 and calculating the answers. I don't know why I do not see scientific calculators here in Switzerland. Anyway, it is nice to have one in my Parm, so I could play with physics and math sometimes. Too bad, I have to work on something else to negotiate with the perps. Taking online-diploma sounds fun to me, if I got enough time in future. If the online-university accepted me, they might get the first political asylum seeking student for their school record. At least, DeAnza College and SJSU got such record as SJSU students' discrimination ended up with DOD's involvement. Nemo shulae sed vitae discimus. One of my favorite Latin proverbs.

Summary of Monarch: The New Phoenix Program by Marshall Thomas
Marshall Thomas' book, “Monarch: The New Phoenix Program,” has seventeen Chapters and includes the section about TI (targeted individuals). The phoenix program was developed to “neutralize” citizens. It started as a operation for the Vietnam War in 1960s. By calling “neutralize,” Green Beret and Navy SEALs assassinated the Viet Cong allies. From the tesptimoines in the 80s, it revealed that the target was randomly generated from the Vietnamese identity cards. In other words, such “ememies to be neutrarised” were randomly generated from the citizen lists.
As the improvement of silent kill techniques, US agencies has the technologies for manipulating the emotions and remotely “neutralize” the personality of individuals. MKULTRA and other researches enriched the techniques. Thomas writes that the technology could used in the mass for the better civil control.
There are many studies questionable for human rights violation. Thomas covers Eugenics, Human radiation experience project. Many universities and hospitals secretly gave the patients and pregnant woman radioactive for the government research. Prisoners were also the target of the radiation research for small wages.
During the cold war, the Americans had the need of developing better defense technologies. Under the General Doolittle's order, Americans put the security to accept working for dirty tricks. McCarthyism was used to accuse the people who might have synthesis in Communism. It is an never ending investigation to oppress the opponent.
After the WWII, the Nazi scientists migrated to the US under the “operation paperclip.” These scientists were allowed to avoid the Neurenberg Trial and continued to work in their research in the US military institutions.
Project Mockingbird was to suppress the Communism with the power of mass media. CIA got control of the major newspapers and magazines to spread their propaganda. The agency made budget for Europe media also. It was a world-wide level operation.
MKULTRA search was done to against the brainwash and mind control techniques going on in Russia and China. The US put more emphasis on the use of chemical drugs for the mind control.
Greenham Common in UK was a first place where electronic weapon was used to the citizens. The female peace activists camped outside of army base. They experienced sudden sickness which is similar to the symptoms of electromagnetic weapon effects. In the United States, DOD , DOJ, NIMH, and others are involved in non-lethal secret weapon inventions.
In 1977, there was a hearing for the mind control and drug operations on individuals. However, the experiment was not revealed because of the pressure from the congressional scrutiny. US military institutions have been working for the non-lethal weapons. The military technology is shared with the law enforcement.
From “Star Wars in Iraq,” the eye witness talks about the possibility of laser weapon used in Iraqi War by the Americans. The Iraqi medical doctor says that he could not imagine what type of weapon used to chop off the heads and body parts of the passenger in a bus. Another doctor said that a survivor explained to him that there was no explosion nor noise during the attack. There was no bullets in the bus.
CIA has been creating new religious groups since 1966. The founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, had connection with SFPD and Michael Aquino, a NSA officer and was involved with the establishment of the Church of Set. Later, SFPD accused Aquino with satanic retual child molestation at the day care in an army base, yet the charge was dropped by the pressure from the army. The new cults keep their own inner sense of reality, so that the followers are easy to get engage with aniti-social activities such as organized stalking. People's Temple was an experiment of CIA as the founder, Jm Jones, had connection with CIA. Leo Ryan, a statesman, was assassinated before he tried to investigate the cult.
California was a center of civil disorder. The Symbionese Liberation Army's leader was an informant of LAPD. Vacaville Medical Facility had behavior modification techniques like lobotomies and brain implanting. The Mason Family were related with Th Foundation, which is involved in human sacrifice and ritualistic abuse.
Sexual blackmail was done for the fundraising for the RNC. Larry King, a pedophile, held a child prostitution network. The wealthy men and women were blackmailed due to their sexual relationships with minors. McMartrin Preschool child abuse scandal made Paul and Shirley Eberle the expert on child abuse by publishing two books about the case. The parents of the child victims hired professionals to discover underground tunnels beneath the building. The founder of the school is a CIA agent.
The Unification Church is related with KCIA as the early leaders were military officers and had credential with KCIA. KCIA has connection with CIA from its creation. The institution owns Washington Times.
The Children of God is a cult in Argentina and has over 300,000 followers in 60 countries. The initiation to the cult is sex related. Some famous figures in the world were blackmailed. The children sang for Barbara Bush and George Bush Sr. in some occasional media appeals. Sicentology is one of the cult that the Cult Awareness Network mentions. In 1980s, several church leaders and the founder's wife were sent to prison because of their surveillance against the government agencies to avoid investigation on their institution.
Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF). Thomas states that “Child victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse are in fact victims of MKULTRA experiments/programming” (Thomas 54). FMSF was established for denying the memories of the mind control and sexual abuse victims. The establisher and his wife were positive about pedophilia by saying that the child sex abuse victims have good memory about the experience.
Remote viewing was an cover operation for the development of pychotronics. Under the project, PSI Tech Corporation, NSA, INSCOM operated for the research. The research included the invention of microwave laser. The remote viewers are physicist in the military. The second project, Grill Frame, was to research further on micromagnetic weapons. The remote viewers were instructed by Ingo Swann, a Sicentologist. When they felt the danger of public exposure, the Grill Frame project was closed. PSI Tech was offering classes for Chatfield Senior High School, which the Columbine shooting occurred later. The name of the operation for the class session was Operation Guiding Light.
Thomas mentions three major figures of civilian control novels, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and Marshall McLuhan. Owell invented the Big Brothers and Thought Police. 15 % of the population controle the last 85%. Huxley mentions the use of psychotic drug Soma to control the population. Social hierarchy is set by the technological advance in cloning. McLuhan explains the Internet invention in future around the 50s. Maelstrom is a movement to change the literature into electronic images.
Thomas gives an example of the tragedy of Minos; the fascist whose dictatorship was destroyed by Theseus. He compare the mythology with Adolf Hitler and the birth of the Weimar Republic. The Nazis movement started as the private policing percolate the German army. The holocaust made the dictator to believe himself above the law. Thomas says, “This was the moment of the birth of the Minotaur in the 20th century” (Thomas 57).
The Eugenics and extreme racism caused the rationality on annihilation and genocide of Jews. Thomas writes that not only Jews but also, “Three million others perished in the camps, gypsies, Slavs, other supposed subhuman races, homosexuals, dissident Catholic priests, POW's, union leaders, political opponents, Germans caught aiding Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, and other religious sects, and the intellectuals of conquered nations.” Lebensraum (living space) is to descrive how to increase Germanic population above other races.
Textbooks and movies were selected to fit the propaganda. Because of the massive propaganda “many Jews and other targeted groups were caught up in the excitement and joined the Nazi movement” (Thomas 57).
Totalitarianism occurred in Russia under the Stalin's regime, after the dictator removed half of the parliament congressman. In China, Mao broke out the communist revolution to control the country. “Mao's favorite tactic was to set opposing groups of people against each other to instill fear, eliminate potential rivals, and retain power despite popular discontent” (Thomas 58).
Cointerlpro is shortened form of counter intelligence program. It is developed by FBI to take care the domestic dissidents. Psychological warfare, the use of legal system for harassment, infiltration, extralegal violence like assasination are the characteristics. The targets are often the activists of any kind, opposing political parties, and any progressive groups in the US. Watergate was one of the case that FBI and CIA's counterpro operation was revealed to the public. However, the Church committee received the reports which were revised by the agencies. And the investigators could not win in the next election. The Freedom of information Act (FOIA) made people to access the FBI documents including some cointelpro informations, yet the most important information were never exposed. One of the known victim of cointelpro is Martin Luther King, Jr. The surveillance included the 112th military intelligence unit, and J. Edgar Hoover wrote a blackmail to King suggesting to commit suicide to cover up King's external affairs. With the example of civil right involved actress Jean Seaberg, Thomas writes “The theme of a forced suicide is repeated on others targeted by Cointelpro...” (Thomas 60). Sucide is a perfect condition to cover the crime of the intelligence agencies. The covert operation was often held against minorities, Asian American, Native American, Arab American, and so on. Some targets were falsely charged or murdered. FBI infiltrated KKK and other extreme groups to use their forces to suppress the civil rights activism. “The favorite tactic used in infiltration of activist groups is the 'snitch jacket' where suspicion of being an informant is used against legitimate leaders” (Thomas 60). Then the agents work on propaganda to spread the false rumors and increase the arguments among the members. Nowadays, cointerpro operation comes together with electromagnetic weapons. “These internal dissidents are used as human guinea pigs and experimental subjects in terminal experiments that are designed to force a suicide, incarceration, or premature death due to the effect of non-ionizing and ionizing radiation” (Thomas 61). Due to the invisible attacks and the microwave effect similar to schizophrenia, the target cannot receive help from the psychiatric society.
CIA has been working on destabilization of countries and influence on foreign governments. In Iran, CIA made a report that Shah who regained his regime is a sociopath and power crazy from the trauma of his fathers domination. In Guatemara, CIA supported the United Band to overthrow the government. CIA accused the government as Communist, and genocidal war broke out by the US trained people. In Iraq, Hussein was paid by CIA and start war on Iran with the fear of Iranian revolution. CIA backed up Iraqi government in the war. When Iraq submitted weapon program 11,800 page document to UN Security Council in 2002, Bush administration took the possession of the document and took 8,000 pages out. That part included the precise information of the US and Western weapon and technology sales to Iraq before 1991.
During the WWII, US made contact with Italian mafias to defeat Nazis in the northern Italy. The French Connection, a film, explains how smuggling helped to enrich the markets. Nazis criminals used “rat lines” to escape to the US and South America. Kuomintang (KMT) was a major area for heroin production. The opium production is related with the defeated Chiang Kai Shek who was backed up by the US. Afghanistan is another place where opium is produced. CIA brought weapons to the country for the exchange with heroins. Dead American solders' bodies were used to smuggle the drugs. Because of the drug trafficking related with the agency, the inspection cannot eliminate the drug problem.
CIA had covert operations abroad also. Edwin Wilson, a CIA agent, sold weapons and technologies with the companies like Control Data Corporation to fundraising CIA. The trial against him was dismissed because of the CIA backup for the commerce. In Australia, the Nugan-Hand Bank was built to cover weapon trade. When the Australian Prime Minister Whitlam had intention of investigating CIA's influence on the government affairs, the Governor General John Kerr dismissed the Prime Minister. BCCI, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, is another bank that backed up CIA operations. It aided George W. Bush as well as the terrorist group, al Quaeda. San Jose Mercury news reporter, Gary Webb, debunked the CIA profited SF bay area drug ling related with Crips and Bloods of LA. He writes that the money was used for Nicaraguan guerrilla operation. The journalist was murdered later. From the author's staying in Guatemala, he found out the fear among the Guatemalan citizens that image of Americans were same as kidnappers who sold their children to sex ring and organ donor seekers.
Katherine Griggs learned how the power elites and military personnels are in the secret society from her corrupt marriage with a military officer. She explains her ex-husband story of sexual ritual of the elites and how they encourage the mass killing of innocent people for their advantages. She included the names who are Zionist trying to take over the world, Donald Rumsfeld, George H. Bush, Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Andy Fine, and others. Later she figured out that her home and her car were burglarized, yet the police and FBI did not do anything. Then she started to experience strange things such as someone “leave twelve screw drivers on my kitchen counter.” Just like Griggs, Strawcutter made tapes called “Sleeping With The Enemy” to describe how The Brotherhood works to create the new world order.
The early 70s, USSR started individual level experiment on microwave weapons and mind control techniques. The US also were working on brain research. Radio frequency weapons and other electromagnetic weapons became a subject for the both countries. Such weapons have the capacity of civil control at the time of riot and revolutionary movement. Acoustic weapon is capable of “create scallops of infra-sound waves in the head, wiping clean all information stored by the brain cells.” In this century, Russians and Americans agreed to share the technologies for the use by the Americans. The patent of the technology is held by Psychotechnologies Corp, which is managed by John B. Alexander, Albert Stubblebine, Michael Aquino.
Moscow signal started on July 4th, 1976. The radio signal is the most strong signal that can hear all over the world. The signal ranges between 3.26 to 17.5 megahertz. The extremely low frequency (ELF) would be used for mind control and behavior change. CIA stated that certain ELF would cause cancer. The US Air Force found that the Russians sending the signals on earth. The purpose is th change the human conciousness. 7.83 Hz is the Schumann Resonance to make the person relax, and 10.8 Hz makes the person aggressive. The wave can cause cancer, so the transmitters were build in several places in the world including Australia to send them back to Russia.
Nikola Tesla was the first scientist mentioned the use of electromagnetics on human being. The earliest study would be go back to the middle of the 1930s. Japanese spent research on “Death Ray,” which could kill humans in 5 to 10 miles distance.
Andre Puharich were working on electronic brain implants and later interested in the radio tooth implant. Dr. Allen Frey was another person who are working on radio frequency. He found that 1310MHz and 2982MHz microwaves with the density avarage of 0.4 to 2 mW/cm2 can make the human to hear sounds. The sound seemed to hear from “within or near the back of the head” (Thomas 76). Dr. Ross Adey working at UCLA studied that emotional control on the subject in the eletctromagnetic field. Joseph Sharp and Allen Frey's work is also important on microwave audio transmission. Their work invented the world, “Frey effect” which is synonym of “microwave hearing” or “Artificial Telepathy.” Dr. Karl Pribram of Stanford University discovered the process and storing images of the brain. Dr. Michael Persinger found a way to make the subject to create “UFO abduction or meeting with God” experiences.
The real concept of Star Wars was not to save the US from Soviet nuclear threat. The funding went to building HAARP. “HAARP is the world's largest electro magnetic broadcasting station..” It could change weathers, destroy any flying objects including missiles and air planes, mind control the population. HAARP can project the 1 to 20Hz frequencies, which human brain processes. Patric Flanagan's invention of Neurophone gives another function to HAARP. By using its transmission, it can cover this planet under the wireless neurophone network.
There are many US patents shows the use of the invention would function similar to the testimonies of the electromagnetic weapon victims. Patent number 3951134 is one example. The invention is “Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves.” Other inventions include, #6011991, #6017302, #3773049, #4858612, #4877027, #5123899, #5159703, #5356368. RFID and other invention are used to monitor the subjects including endangered animals.
Psychological warfare is based on disinformation and confusion on the enemies. During the Vietnam War, the US army killed some of the entire village populations and spread the information that it was done by the Vietcong. Thus, the citizens would against Vietcong for the war.
Lockheed-Sanders produces microwave weapons that include sending audio information remotely to the target's brain. According to DOD's announcement in 2006, the military officers would require microchip implant in future. The nonleathal weapons could be used for crowd control to eliminate the function of a country. According to the article on London Sunday Times on July 6, 1975, the US Navy trained assassins and some of them are taken from the military prisons. Some of the government articles suggest the military's intention to use non-lethal weapons to terrorists and criminals. Navy psychologist trained assassins by conditioning them to have no emotional swing for a murder. There are two Navy centers such training has done. One is in San Diego and the other one is in Itary. The assassins are taught to view their future enemies as non-human.
In 1930s, Remote hypnotic study began. Soviet physiology were the first pioneers. Later CIA developed a techonlogy called RHIC-EDOM, Radio Hypnotic Induced Control/Electronic Dissolution of Memory. Using this technique, the subject falls into transe to receive the suggestions and the trace of the hypnosis as erased from the subject's memory. This method includes INTRAMUSCULAR implants, which are able to disturb the functions of certain part of brain for hypnosis. Trigering the suggestion is through the radio. Emotion would transmitted to the subject by radio signals. Some UFO abductees memory loss can be explained by this technique. Rauni Kilde, MD, wrote about the NSA mind control metod using satellites to send signals to implants and microchips. Kilde warns that the human brain to computer connection would become a threat to humans.
In the 90s, Janet Morris investigated the Russian mind control technologies and later became the Research Director of the US Global Strategy Council (USGSC). During the 90s, USGSC gained access to majority of national labs, industries, and human resources.
In 1962, the director of the US Bureal of Prisons offered the opportunity of using prisoners for experiments to psychiatrists and social scientists. The British installed “House of Fun,” which is actually a torture chamber in the Special Branch of Dubai.
CIA has three types of companies/organizations. First one is the company owned by the agency yet the appearance is a private company. Second type has side business to support the activity of the agency. Third is established by the ex-officers to help the agency.
John Perkins is the author of the book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (EHM). Perkins writes that EHMs are hired by the corporations yet they were paid by the private sectors. Their jobs are to create a senario to make them in debt from banks while they work for the target company. They meet with the third world country leaders for negotiation. When the leaders refused the proposal, they would get into accidents such as happened in the President of Ecuador. By their works, the developing countries remain under debt. Until 1980, military dictation was the main US foreign policy. Nowadays, the US use economic domination to keep the unions and countries under its control.
Scientific Applications International Corp (SAIC) owns I.P. Address and now cost each address $50 per one year. It used to be free for registration under Network Solutions. SAIC share the profit with the US government agencies such as CIA and DOD. SAIC is connected with Stanford Research Institute and “non-lethal weapon” developments. The military offers the technology for information warfare. “It includes the capability to intercept TV and radio transmissions from hostile countries, synthesize the voice and even the video of a foreign leader addressing in his country, change the content, and re-broadcast it via satellite jamming” (Thomas 108). After 911, the terrorist threat and war against terrorism made SAIC to expand its revenue and power among military complex. SAIC has many military related workers and they established the Iraq Reconstruction and Development Council before the Iraqi war started. During the 70s and the 80s, SAIC made a human radiation experiment on the veterans with the support of the government. In 1988, most veterans have died. SAIC and Bechtel made established radioactive waste dumping site in Yucca Mountain. For reducing the storing wast costs, SAIC introduced the recycling the waste by mixing the radioactive contaminated metals with other metals. Recycled metals were used to produce kitchenwares and other tools. After the danger of the radioactive contamination became noticed, SAIC wrote the safe recycling limit for the regulation.
Other companies with government connection includes DynCorp, Hadron, Schlumberger. The third one, Shlumberger, is the largest oil boring company in the world. Thomas writes, “Oil companies are routinely used as cover for information gathering by US intelligence agencies, particularly because oil is a strategic commodity, and also because employees have an excuse to travel to just about anywhere in the world” (Thomas 112). Thomas mentions anthropologists and journalists as cover for making easy travel around the world.
For other important key terms, Thomas addresses; PNAC, Enron, Peak Oil, Trans National Corporations (TNCs), Think Tanks, Escheron, PROMIS, TIA.
Up to p120.

23 November, 2007

Vioration of Catholic Religious Rights 2

This film shows how the guy had the picutre of Our Lady of Guadalupe trys to explain the situation and fails.

Violation of Catholic Religious Rights.

The film shows how the organized stalkerd mocked me by showing the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe inside of a property of a Catholic Church. The Eltorian guy could not tell me why he had that figure. The organized stalkers do not respect the religious figures at all. It is just same for the SJSU anthropologists and students used "Jesus on the Cross" and "rosary" for psychological harassment.

22 November, 2007

Gang Stalking and the Liberty of Democratic Society

I have hard time connecting Internet. Swisscom is pretty expensive but I have several Wifi spot in the area. These days, I cannot use the train station for Internet. I don't know why but I have seen so many stalkers (including police and train station workers) tried to disturb my research. It seems they tried to shut down my use there by disconnecting the router or something like that. I could log in to my Swisscom account, but the problem is that when I tried to search the web, the research result does not show up. Similar thing happens at Mediafire.com. When I tried to upload my files for back up, the upload stops and the browser says that the page is not found (in German, though). I do not know about Euro Registry, I paid for domain licence fee for 4 years, but they did not give me the account information. Yeah, this is all about what happening to me as a TI.

So far, I have no criminal record in Europe nor anywhere in the world. However, I have been stalked and the “refugees” living with me talking about how suspicious. Yeah, the same thing happened in SJSU. During Dr. Meniketti's class, Sarah Linn and other ABSC students in different room monitoring me from the hidden camera in the class. Sarah was speaking so loudly that “She is criminal..” and trying to justify her statement by trying to find fault of me in the classroom. How about these students and professors letting the organized stalkers to try to claim “false charges” and defamation on an individual? Yeah, this is what anthropologists do these days. Maybe I should make a small chart of how things work for the refugees. Some refugees attending the German class suddenly stop going to class. Some residents at my heim moved out, yet they seem to live in the building next to the heim. When I was using Internet at the train station, I saw some ex-classmates at German class passing by and contacted with me. I do not know why they have to visit train station without taking a train, though.

Too bad, we are no longer living in the society where individual can keep their own business. Stalkers are trying to find fault of the individuals they do not like or being paid to monitor. Human trafficking would be related with their organized stalking crime. Stalkers follow the target anywhere in the world. Isn't that similar to the problem of Human Trafficking?
As I have no criminal record, I think I should keep their suspicious activities for “Crime Prevention.” Also, I should keep speaking up about how SJSU has corrupted faculty members and students who are member of organized gangs. Gangs are managing the university, then what the outcome will be? Recruiting gang members just like cults do in groups? Yeah, this should be true for Anthropology and Behavioral Science Club as the ex-leader(?) was a member of gang connection at San Jose Area. I now know some city hall workers are in the gang organization because of her connection with them. How about the “Snake Head,” the Chinese Mafia? Did I made mistake with the member of that Chinese mafia when I had problem at John XXIII? What I found there was that Chinese elderly discriminating other ethnic groups including Vietnamese and Japanese trying to get US citizenships. If the United States is already taken by gangs, they would care nothing about the voting rights are gone to the people who would work for another mafia in the world.

How often we can hear the voices from the minorities these days, anyway? It seems what we hear is the bragging of organized stalkers who are always chosen to be on the bright side to express the fake world view. Sgt. John Laws working with the gang stalking is the spokesman of the SJSU police department. What an irony... Well, at least, by knowing how he and other Homeland Security workers are related, we get information that how law enforcement are taken by the gangs.

21 November, 2007

The Refugees in Europe and the US.

Reality is different from what the nations brag about their intention on humanistic rescues. The intelligence agencies exploit the information and human resources to take advantage on their foreign affairs. When CIA looks for a bunch of people to turn over a nation, they often recruit the refugees and immigrants living abroad. The purpose of this is to give the new government better adapted with the US and their allies.

So far, I was amazed how conservative people can keep the law for any reason. I am one of the refugees. And in my case, running away from the US made able to see how this system is working. The local police frequently stops by at my heim, then they searched my room when other residents were asked to stay in their rooms and free to use kitchen and bathroom. When the undercover cops (temporary hired refugees? Or NSA? - they can speak German and other language pretty much than what they say like living in this country for few months) made a boost in their actions, I have seen the law enforcement car parked near my Wifi Spot.
My guess is that CIA is putting pressure on the local economy and American companies. I have read such 'forced civilian cooperation' in the books like John Stockwell's In Search of Enemies.
Anthropologists are telling the great lie as well as the psychologists.

Sociologist/psychiatrist/anthropologists/neurologists – this is a part people making propagandas to hide the secret operation going on by the US government. Who is the vehicle of NSA, can you guess? Most are the local undercover officers. The real NSA live with the victim pretty close, and they often openly use their out-of-state cars and park them in the victim's apartment parking lot. I do not know if the cars are under the government property or not. But that is what I learned from the American NSAs, when the stalkers tried to hire me to work in Japan. They told me that I would be driving the government official cars.

The best great lie that SJSU anthropology department is telling is probably how they expelled a foreign student. Let's see how their status are covered up by the government. I know they are working for the government for quite long. At SJSU, unfavored students were thrown out from the Business Tower in the past. Now, they developed a new strategy. They call the police officers to take the students away to either mental hospital or jail. If you are a SJSU student, reinforcement cars parked between the Clark Building and Administration Building is a signal of this. They often call the unwelcome student at either early morning or at late evening. In my case, I was asked to visit Dr. English-Lueck's office after 6pm, and the second incident was that the Judicial Affairs Office asked me to visit their office at 8:30am. A perfect time for some illegal detention of the students. Be aware, that is how students have been disappeared from the universities after 911. Everyone working to discriminate me got some rewards, such as the anthropology professors did not lose their face as they made me the scapegoat for everything. New Linguistics chair was the substitute of my LING101 class, and she was promoted while she was teaching the class for Dr. Kelly Glover. Sgt. John Laws seems working fine even though they handcuffed a student in a very strange situation to send her to a mental hospital. Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen wrote the fake document without seeing the student, yet she is still working as the director of the counseling service. Judicial Affairs office does not mind to take false testimonies from the professors and students when it is necessary to cover up the scandal of the school.
Does SJSU has Sudanese refugee? Good for the Americans, they got another agent in American region.

Some people must work free while the top elites got profits. Yeah, anthropologists and refugees working for gaslighting are both slaves. I am being free like the Johnathan the Seagal.

19 November, 2007

Protest against AAA - how this goes?

So far, I have done my protesting against AAA's member involved with organized stalkings. I do not know if anthropologists study only to make up things like what SJSU students tried with their status. What I have learned was the people teaching about new form of population control engaged in the New World Order movement. Student developed secret society. Yeah, CIA is pretty good covering everything up with misinformation and infilterlation.

What I got is the evidence that I have sent what I have gotten to the AAA board members and other anthropologists. At least, I tried to do my best to claim that black anthropology is not the way where the study goes in the future. It happened to psychiatry with Dr. Cameron for MKULTRA project.

Too busy working with other projects these days. And too cold to type outside in the center of Europe. Kaese foundue sounds good for such a cold night...

16 November, 2007

Somalian Refugee mit Polizeibeamten

This afternoon, I found the Somalian refugee and the Tibetan guy back for the gaslighting. I shoot this film and others when I found the local police on the garden of the heim. The police officers were with that Somalian guy. Later, I saw the man on Velo pass by and he returned to pass by. Quite wierd, huh? Then, The Reysers' utility care made backing up when I was shooting the film, then the driver drove foward and parked the car to the neighboring house with American flag mailbox. All this happend in less than ten minutes. Good to have them together for YouTube broadcasting. How many would be enough to say I have been surrounded by the American spies in Switzerland? Was local police blibed just like the one in Homeland Security?


13 November, 2007

The stalker (refugee) from Somalia.

I got nice shot of the gaslighting at the kitchen. I always wanted to share information about how the residents are involved in the gaslighting on me at the heim. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST FILM!!! This Somalian guy followed me to the Baunhof wearing "San Diego" sweatshirt when I visited the Zuerich in June. The others are the Tibetans who are working on gaslighting. The first day I moved into this heim, someone sticked a Tibettan Flag sticker on my door. Hey, I am not CHINESE! We have a CHINESE refugee in our heim and he is talking with these Tibettan refugees and Afganistan refugee without no language barrier!!

I don't know what kind of language they are communicating with as it sounds diffrent from Italian, German... I figured out someone is speaking a kind of broken French, but had no idea about others.

Anyway, this is the link for the video.

10 November, 2007

Anchoring with DVD-R at the train station.

I am preparing for the protesting against American Anthropologist Association members who are involved with CIA. I know the organization is well infilterated with the agents as it has been working for the government through its development. What happned today was someone anchoring with what I purchased at Migro's.

Just watch how the organized stalkers are working on their covert program against activists. I am sitting with the two stalking members at the bench typing this.



09 November, 2007

So, AAA is opposing to the militarization, yet they welcomed the colonization of American company.

These days, I am making a plan for the protesting of exploitation of the study field by the “Big Brothers.” It was funny that the professors seem to protect the moral and philosophy of anthropology are actually working for the exploitation. They are the vehicle to decide which way the study would be exploited by the government and the big companies.

Is Coca-cola working with anthropologists? I have seen many Coke ads around where I live. I have seen the logo is used for the cooler box and billboard. Well, if I count how many American logos around in the city, it would be a good statistics to show how much American company making influence in changing the local culture. By the way, McDonald's made original “coke glasses” (made in France, by the way) for a free gift for the customer who ordered Medium size meals. I have five of those when I was using Internet at McDonald's.

Well, I do not know if anthropologists knew the meaning of “coke bottles” for the victims of American solders' in the past. According to Marshall Thomas' “Monarch: The New Phoenix Program,” he explains that a coke bottle means to particular people to remind the sodomized experience done by the Americans.

When South American dissidents were taken into custody and tortured it was
common practice to use a coke bottle to sodomize the victim with. This initial
act was designed to produce pain and suffering, as well as humiliation. Once the
person was released back into the community, every time they came into contact
with a coke bottle or even a coke commercial the stimulus of seeing the product
or hearing the advertising jingle would ‘trigger” them…in other words they would
immediately relive the pain, suffering, and humiliation of the initial torture.
Since coke is the worlds most widely advertized and recognized symbol the
victims of torture might be forced to relive their suffering every time they
turned on the TV, radio, went into a store, or simply walked down the street.

We have been hearing the tortures going on in Iraq and other places. In Italy, Americans had a secret detention camp. And the notorious Guantanamo Bay. By seeing who is working for which company, we can see how the study field has been exploited. Not only the military and CIA are the choices of “intelligence domination of anthropology.”
As an Outsider and and outcast of anthropology, I am proud to represent these information. What I do not understand is that when the guy studying in American University was hired by the CIA.

Americans worrying about the corruption of American Empire made another senario to hold the American power. Domination of the world by the multinational companies. They become the authority and hold the wealth in the local. Thus, in the whole view, the world is kept under the hand of Americans for their benefits. Next step would be ugly insider conflicts, right? However, everything is owned by their branches, no conflict is necessary. Microsoft can keep Mac for the alternative choice of the customers, for example. What this means is the customers become the slaves of merchants. Those who do not have the sign cannot purchase – this is happening to the Targeted Individuals of the world as the bible says.

07 November, 2007

Briefing at Kantine.

This morning, we had a briefing at the lounge with the chef. It was about how to conserve energy and keep room clean. Actually, yesterday night someone was sweeping the hallway after midnight and I accidentally took the scene in my camera. It just happens when you are reviewing stuffs in the camera and change it to shooting mode, you know? Well, it seems the people were working on gaslighting of keep quiet at night. The chef mentioned three people in his speech (I am not included.) Later, the guy sweeping the hallway (the neighbor) asked me what I was doing with my camera. I was not sure if he has seen me turned on my voice recorder for keeping the copy of what he said, and I was not sure what he meant by camera. Then, he asked me that what I was speaking out at night. I had no idea what he was talking about. What I could get was that the gestures of how to 'shut their mouth' at night was about that matter. I do not know if they felt insecured by what I have done – shooting the film of the hallway at midnight. Or speaking up the name, “David H. Price,” who wrote a book about MaCarthism in Anthropologists. My experience is a good example of how CIA/anthropology professors worked to eliminate people who are not willing to work for the US interest. That is the reality of SJSU anthropologists; they all agreed to work with FBI for expelling me from the campus with a fake records of terrorist or something that could keep me away from building a career.

I heard the chef is going to take vacation for awhile. Last time, he said so, the local police officers came and searched my room for no reason. So, this time, I am sharing something that would be enough to bring suspicious activities of other 'refugees.'

My ex-room mate left these three McDonald's poster in the room. They seemed to be printed in Germany, and how a Yugoslavian refugee can have them, huh? Or how she want to put more than one for decoration of her room? If you think about the motivation, things are very clear to know the purpose. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5URPxvO950

The film I took yesterday night. Probably this was a concern about some stalkers. If they do not like the exposure, then I would like to do so. This countermeasure always worked before. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JO_wsNLXRVE

Let's see if police come again as the chef said. He said that if he concern something, he could call the security to check out. If the last searching was done by his call, let's see how things happens next. I still do not understand why the local police had to make a copy of my credit and bank cards while they searched my room. Yeah, next time, I should keep one camera on in my room for what they were doing. Or, I could ask them if I can contact with a lawyer before they start searching. If say 'no,' then I can share it on the Internet to see if any Swiss lawyer can explain the reason of rejection. Organized stalkers do not know the logic and they fear their psychological abuse is exposed to the public.

COINTERPRO – Sussie version.

I have observing the stalkers in this country from the hostel I stayed before asked political asylum to today. As I studied ethnography, I have been correcting data since I was followed by undercover cops and military personals (NSA's pseudonym for financial issues). What I leaned so far is about HUMINT part. Europe's NSA is formed with multinational military intelligences. It is much more like NATO, which several countries' armies cooperate for a project. The undercover cops come in as a part of local city/town level surveillance. They often are formed from teenagers and minorities who have hard time to find a regular jobs. In some senario, a company might be asked for corporation in the group surveillance.

FBI has 24 hour ready surveillance in the US, Canada, and Mexico. This can explain why I was followed by a mid-age Latino man in beaten white car when I drove to San Diego. They might thought I would cross the border. Well, I considered taking a cruise trip from the seaport or take flight from the airport though.

However, the surveillance might have some gaps if the target traveled a big distance. When I was in Germany, I lost the sense of direction and heard that someone made me to become a “cyborg.” (Being a cyborg means that one's bodily functions are controlled by the e-harrasment devices.)

So far, what I have seen in this country is mainly gaslighting. People arround me are trying to find fault of me and I never had a normal conversation with any of them. When I started to talk about what happened in the US, a Turkish woman at my class suddenly said, “I don't understand” in German. It was as if she wanted to cut the further conversation about the topic. I have seen she is working in gaslighting in the class anyway. When I was in the second refugee center, someone asked me if I believe he is a real refugee from XXXX. I told him that if he showed me his passport of that country, I would believe that. It was the day before I was transferred to this place. What I am doing is to collect information as that could support my theories and experiences. If we put my evidences in statistics – it would be an outliner for a regular life.

It is hard to explain e-harrasment yet some people already write in meida that we need to have a firewall for our brainworks.

FBI has their outposts and officers in Europe also. By the way, CIA case officers main goal is to recruit many newcomers as much as possible. Recruiting an airport custom would be a good example as well as an officer in a local law enforcement. This is what I learned at SJSU. Sgt. John Laws said that Homeland Security guys “..are well-fed.” Once someone agree to work for CIA, they would receive privileges because CIA has almost non-limit budget for their operations.

Belows are the videos of two days ago while I settled down to use Wifi.
This is the film shows how gang stalkers contact with other stalking members. It happened in an outside bench of a train station. The Black stalkers in far front of me were there for an hour or so. Then they talked with the Asian? guy on the right side. Later, one of the member stayed for another hour or so for surveillance contacted with the White guys stayed on the far left of me.

After I settled down to the bench. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czc49SJ8jMY

Notice the black guys in front talking. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAoGUu7eGb0

The 3 white men in my back left talking with the black guy who was sitting at the bench far

front for more than one hour with others. (see No.2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dU0X2tFRabs

Another stalking member contacting with them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjcECDOVZOo

05 November, 2007

Writing to the President of the United States about 911 conspiracy would make you get 'mind-controlled.'

This is another perspective to understand my situation. I have read Lee Adams' “Beating The FBI” on Toste.com. I found out that the FBI surveillance team can respond within 24 hours and they would consider 'national threat' when they know someone is an activist or working for real equal opportunity. I do not know when I noticed other students activists have been gone. After the 911, about one year or so, activists were doing fine and we believed that what we were doing was only to provoke the conciousness of world peace. If the Terrorist Attack was done by Al Quaida, then that is what the US must fight against. Later, the the US troop invaded Iraq. Hussein was one of the guy who was trained in the US. I think it was about that period the student activists' disappearance from campus became quite common. After the 911, I was not actively involved in any organizations. When activists needed some people to hold their flag and placard showing “Anti-War,” I gave them a hand to hold one for their activism. When the activists needed signature for stop the War on Iraq, I did not sign because I was aware of my status as a F-1 Visa holder in the US.

Let's go back to the subject of sending criticism to the White House. It is one of the activity that Dr. Roberto Gonzalez asked his students and ABSC members to do. He provided a form to write to the US president. If my theory is right, this is how the students become the target of organized stalking by undercover cops (FBI related). In my case, I did not join the club as I wanted to be neutral. The club was organized by one leader with many followers doing jobs for the club. It is similar to any kind of cult. Then, when the leader targeted me for gang stalking, the other students helped everything from contacting with my friends and the people I had relationships in the past, and so on.

What I know is that the students often worked “Directed suggestion” in the hallway. They started conversation like “Elizabeth is falling love with (my name)” and “She is useless but very friendly...” and such and such. Some of them I collected as it happened before my class started and I accidentally turned on my voice recorder in the classroom which doors were open.
Later, I leaned that these directed suggestion would happen to the people who do not even know what they are talking about. After my parents came to the US, I heard that the stalkers took them for hostage. I was thinking to write a short story about a specific type of Jewish people in East Europe, and somehow the stalkers recording what I was speaking up in my room thought that it was about myself. They said that Dr. Weiss checked my parent's physical features and said that they do not look like the type. I do not know what happened to my parents while I was making alibi by driving up to the Capital. They came on Wednesday and I could contacted them on Friday. Thus, for three days, I had no idea what happened to them. When I asked them what happened, they said that they just stayed in the hotel room in San Jose. If they came to meet me, they could call at least one time per a day after their arrival at the hotel. In my case, my parents were brainwashed. They sometimes start to work on “Direct Suggestion.” During our conversation, my parents suddenly changes their voice tones and speak out something awkward in the situation.

In Japan, I think the elderly people would became like them. When I went out with my mother, I saw her friend in various places. When I asked my mother to take me to an eye doctor as I had an infection on my eye, there was an elderly woman who my mother know for a long time. Then, when we visited the hairdresser which I used to go when I was in Japan, there was a woman who had a broken wrist. If some citizens are 'mind controlled' for the surveillance program, it would make sense as many stalkers have bandages or sticks. The priest at the Gnostic church in Palo Alto also had a broken fingers. Her accident happened right after I started to attend their church. I have seen some stalkers checking me going in to the building. One night while I was driving on El Camino Real at night, I saw a familiar car with specific number plate decoration,

“Life is Cabernet.” Is this a coincidence?

Some stalkers are contacting with their bosses by their cell phones, and the others do not need to contact with anyone but continue their gaslighting.

From my experience, after FBI install their bugs and fiber scope cameras, they use chemical weapons to make their surveillance easier. What happened to me was that I was speaking up my thoughts while the students claiming me crazy. They also used some sexual enhancer or something that makes the target to act without moral consciousness. I think these chemicals were introduced my room through the air ducts which they planted the fiber scope. Some times, I felt sick right after I came home, and I could not wake up for few days. It happened with the feel of sudden dizziness and vormiting. I had a parrot in my living room, yet he was not affected from such chemical weapons. From what happened to me, I could say that they would planted such chemicals / electromagnetic weapons in my bedroom only.

Anyway, the forced transportation to a mental hospital from SJSU happened on the day I visited the Homeland Security Office. I have written to the vice president of the US. Say, does anyone really consider the equal opportunity on F-1 visa students? I was not studying in the US to become a guinea pig for American Intellectuals and Agencies. How often someone studying religion ends up imprisoned and raped in the world? Many priests and pesters would preach such injustice in the world, but it happens when FBI take charge of everything with making up conspiracies. Ask Ms. Rosamond Miller, the tau of the Gnostic Church in Palo Alto, who wanted to become a candidate for the priesthood and who made a vow to Mary Magdalene? And who took out all the pictures from the sanctuary on the meeting in February for the pressure from the infiltrated government-agent members?

I am glad that reading the article by Mr. Adams can make me to focus on FBI involvement. What I can do is to collect the data and how people are involved. If local police are helping FBI officers, then it would be an another issue.. I am a refugee and I cannot contact with authorities in this country. Thus, what I can do is to send the evidence to the biggest organization in the world in this country. Not only the US has its branch in New York, but we have another one in Geneva! Now I got some people working for UN in Japan and I am able to contact with them. I do not know how they react to my situation, thogh..

04 November, 2007

Vacation Refugee Claim

Couple of days ago, I talked with a stalker while I was playing with my digital camera for documentary film project I have started. He asked me if we met in Basel or something, then moved the topic to how much my PC cost, then told me "I love you."

How can thing go like that? He should have chose one topic instead of adding other conspiracies that he wanted to claim. A typical one-way communication. He did not even undersatand the normal communication that can flow in Type-A to Type-D communication. If he wanted to say something nice after asking my PC's price, he should think the consequence first. Yeah, that is why people should take psychology class for better relationships.

Here is the list of what I have posted in YouTube.

I'm a refugee in a country where the term, "Vacatio Refugee" exists. The term meens that the refugee asking asylum traveling across safe countries are claimed as they decided to staying this country for shopping and sightseeing. In these films, you can see that how a man asked me if I visited Basel or he saw me at Basel while other stalkers were checking our conversation from a distance.
1. Before I settle down to the bench, there were teens and a woman with cast there. Both category of people - young mobs and disabled people - are commonly seen in organized stalking activity.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ji0R3ETysLc2. I moved to the left side of the bench. Then a stalker settled down on the right side of the bench. Then he asked me, "Excuse me." A bad choice of the word in German speaking region. He told me he have seen me at Basel. I turned on my digital camera and the rest of the conversation is in the film. Check out the conversation in English.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ad7X5sRnfw3. I explained the stalker how many times I was asked about Basil today. At least there are two pepole in my German class going to Basil in this weekend.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0haebsswcFo4. I explained him the term, Vacation Refugee.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdO-gewoq6I5. He asked me how much my PC cost. This happened at the outside of McDonald's before. The stalkers want to claim that I came to this country for shopping. (I am an internet shopper, sorry. I have been purchasing stuffs from Germany when I was in the US. It won't apply to me.)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PhYEkUqoRE6. He canged the topic and started to tell me, "I love you." I tried to explain it in the film. I am not a good journalist, but I shoot it as a reminder.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boCA8eslYhA7. He left after the coversation. Then it seems he wanted to try another chance to get information from me. What he can get is here in these films; the evidences of how organized stalekrs claiming refugees to be, vacation refugee, or a prostitute. I think claim of a prostitute is a typical strategy for them as I have a good one how they caught a female refugee by the same strategy.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snHpcFbX-F0

01 November, 2007

Vacation Refugees

While I was learnig about Swiss politics, I learned the term, "Vacation Refugees." What it is refered to is that some refugees travel from the relatively safe country are thought as they played around in different cities for sightseeing and shopping before they decided to ask asylum in Switzerland.

Well, this fact made sense that so many stalkers and their supporters wanted me to visit Zuerich few more times. I had no idea visiting nearby city to get something that is not available in my area was what they wanted me to do. They several times talked about how they were going to visit Lousane and Zuerich in comming weekends. Also, some people talked about how they made vacation in nearby places. So, they wanted to claim me to become a refugee in this country because I wanted to do sightseeing. Well, can I tell you something? I found collecting data about stalkers at sightseeing spots are relatively easy.

1. People do not notice if I shoot films or take photos frequentry.
2. If I take a bus or train, the stalkers around me must do their jobs - street theater - in that limited spot. Thus, they are easy to identify.
3. If I take a bus tour, then the stalkers must stay in the bus for a long time. It is the best chance to take pictures of them as shooting films and taking photos are what tourists do in the tour. Who knows if I accidentally took a picture of another passanger?

Anyway, it is funny that what I did not know about their culture, their action told me what they were doing to claim for. Funny but probably it is true for where I live. They said it is a place for a shelter for a homeless.

I know what coke ads means to the refugees tourtured by the US Armies. This is something I am thinking to write about later.