29 November, 2011

Psychotic action under the gang stalkers' 24/7 surveillance plus the covert drugs

What happens if the TI go wild under the gang stalkers' surveillance and their continuous harassment? The TI would be claimed as mentally ill or charged with the violent behavior?

If that is so, then I think the healthy way of prevention is sharing the information of the gang stalkers.
Because of the gang stalkers' surveillance, the TI is isolated and is expected to be look like a loner who might commit a crime or mentally ill.

Democracy is an illusion. We had the propaganda from the West saying we can say what we want to say. However, it was to make the freedom looks nice to attract the ones who hated Nazism and Communism. Bohemianism has the root on the international intelligence.  In Germany, they had the term Wandervogel. People wondering around and do things here and there. Cafe became popular around that time. It was a good spot to exchange information as well as to have the surveillance on anyone. Pubs and bars would be the traditional spot on surveillance and rumor gathering. Cafe became popular for girls and children. A Portuguese man worked for Japanese spy wrote a book about how he moved from Nazis Germany to South America with the Nazis high officials. Rat line is what we know as an unofficial version of the aftermath story of Nazis. Adolf Hitler died in Argentine. It was the time to spread the root of their intelligence over the world. There were professional spies worked for the different countries.

Now, we have multi-national companies controlling everything everywhere. It is how the Nazis wanted; they kept the money in the big companies to avoid the compensation. Nazis scientists worked in OSS and then they became CIA. Rockefeller was trading with Germany while the US was at war against it. Everybody loves business friends. War is done by the cheap trash and dead meats. They die, so the country can reduce the surplus population while the elites can make money from it.

Who are those people working for the gang stalking while they can avoid the laws? Some Japanese companies do have surveillance on the people against them - like the TEPCO and other power plant companies send employees for the surveillance of the anti-Nuke power professors and they report to the professors' bosses about what they are doing. Is it how the TIs lose jobs and get lower grades? The anti-war people's model is hippies who don't work and smoke canabis having multiple sex friends. It's also the FBI's propaganda of exaggerating "freedom." The authorities want the unwelcome rebels to be useless, powerless, idling, not-oriented, and easy to be driven by the bandwagon effect. Hippies' communes became a test place for the LSD and other psychiatric drugs by the CIA. The local cops had to provide some prostitutes and the safe houses for the Operation Midnight Climax, but when they use communes, everything was provided by the test subjects; free sex slaves, funds to buy drugs, human resources, living space, and so on.

Are we really enjoy the freedom? What is happening to people who complain about 911 as the insiders' job? They lose jobs. Gang stalking victims are thought as mentally ill. When these people are sent to the mental institution, the psychiatrists can give drugs to make them their test subjects and sex slaves. MKULTRA was exposed in the 70s, but no more US politicians brave enough to tell the truth of human experiment. That's why the Church Committee did not succeed to stop the human experiments in the mental institution. If you are the psychiatrist, you can lock anyone legally. If you want to kidnap someone, get a degree in psychiatry.     

In Switzerland, it is said that over 20,000 safe houses of Nazis people during the WWII. How about now? What happened to the ex-Nazis families? Ishii connection of the 731 Unit was used by the CIA later. BND was founded by a very smart guy who wanted to save his solders. Meanwhile, the Japanese Army tried to let the 731 related solders to remain unknown and these stupid honest murderers could not get the war compensation for their work int the army. The smart 731 unit members migrated to the US and continued their study there. Japan is always the same. Mean people have all the benefits while the honest stay unknown as the cultural virtue. Look at what happened for Fukushima. The government encouraged the young high school and college volunteers for helping the Tsunami disaster cleaning and reducing the hotspot from the radioactive contamination. The actual workers at Fukushima are the people with huge debts, IT workers whose companies send people to another company for work, people found the ad saying easy 4 hour cleaning job at the nuclear plant for a good pay of over 10,000yen per a day, and probably the people claimed as mentally ill who have no rights to complain. Now we have the trend of nuclear accidents everywhere. Hopefully, it will help to reduce the world population as the overall effect. The top elites can use the genetic engineering to keep their gene clean. 

How about China? Chinese intelligence are known for bribery. They might be claimed of cyber-crimes, but no one really cares. The Chinese who can go abroad is always have a good relation with  their communist government. They are part of the international intelligence community.

It's time for exposing who is really working for gang stalking, don't you think? We might find the same Stasi people and their children working for the gang stalking. If it is in Germany, we might find the real Stasi members' grand children in the gang stalking ring. They can compare the old Stasi list with the new one.

26 November, 2011

Google disactivated my Google account.

It was a surprise when I tried to check my Gmail account related with AdSense and found out the Google inactivated all the functions including Gmail. Well, I have few Google accounts. It happened as Blogger was not owned by Google nor YouTube before. It happened as Google gets all these websites under Google brand.
Here is the picture of what I got. It's stupid suddenly they claimed me under 13 years old. I have been using this address for years with my real name. Well, I do use another account for my personal emails, though. It's good everything was not suddenly deleted. It would be a mess when someone suddenly loses one's primary email access

Here is the explanation of what Google says about the reason why they inactivate the members. I used the English translation site for the English readers.

For this Blogger account, Google is asking me my phone number. Maybe, I need a prepaid phone to activate it. I don't know why Google wants more personal information from their customers. I shared my Passport ID for that inactivated email address. Should I share all the same IDs for the security purpose? I'm concerning about the identity theft by the insiders. They take ID and phone numbers and what else? How do they suddenly inactivate customers accounts??

19 November, 2011

A measure for calculating the psychiatric injury.

I think the gang stalking causes certain psychiatric injuries to make the victim to develop psychological problems. This psychological problems are written in David Lawson's book, "Cause Stalking." And the psychiatrists should understand certain accusations and other mobbing can cause at least temporally mental problem in the minor level. 24/7 surveillance would be enough to make someone into depression. If it is a continuous tampering and small damages to one's belongings? Or some people mimicking the victim's actions all the time?

The gang stalkers often claim the victim as mentally ill. However, I think the fact is that their actions of how they engage in the psychological harassment to cause such problems they wished the victim to have. It's a mobbing and an organize crime.

We have the new Black Hundreds in the local community. They try to harass the victim all the time to be useless in their society.

I noticed the major gang stalking experience would be the result from the sensitization.
Accusations, tampering, mimicking, isolation, continuity.
These are the factors I noticed as a major problem in my case. I encounter strange accusations like someone left money in the room in the morning of my arrival and the clerk asked me about if I saw it in my room. Another would be missing foods from the kitchen and there are many people have access to the kitchen but she asks only me about the food. And the food is what I often eat fore last couple of days before that person came. I found the plastic garbage bag contained some stuffs that they claimed as missing from where they stayed. So, I guess they just made up the story and flamed me for the harassment. Gang stalkers are really sick people, you know. They love mobbing and harassment. Unfortunately, that food theft claimer used to work for the children's summer camp in the US. Now guess who are with kids and stalking and harassing around the gang stalking victim like me?? Bush's infamous pedophile rumors might show where those gang stalking workers come from. Or about the Children of God in the South America.

What I'm saying is that the TIs might need the measures of how much psychiatric injuries they received from the gang stalking.
For example, theft claim would cause someone a certain amount of upset. What if it was continued and different accusations are added? In such case, psychiatrists should be aware of the reason of the psychiatric injuries and they should help to remove the cause. The gang stalking supporting psychiatrists ignores such fact and only drug the victim for the mental disease. This is a communist way of finishing an individual's life and freedom to have a healthy life. I give Dr. Charles Lau of El Camino Hospital for his influence of communist psychiatry in the SF Bay Area. We can create the list of the corrupted communist psychiatrists who works for the new Black Hundreds global mafia group. Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen of SJSU Counseling Service is another good example. She once said that no one can stop people rumoring. She can make up a danger to others (DO) or claim anyone suicidal (DI) for locking students or faculty up in the SJSU. She does not help to stop the mobbing but she works for them - the gang stalking got many psychiatrists involved just like in the time of MKULTRA. SJSU with CIA connection tells more about this.

Back to the topic. Maybe the TIs can share how far the harassment done by whom in order to claim their psychiatric injuries. It's a good way to provoke the awareness against the mobbing or the gang stalking organized crime anywhere. Victims should have right to complain what happened before they become the victims of the victim blaming. Customers' opinions matter. Guests' opinions matter. It's completely legal to share the victims' experience of the shops or everywhere including their neighborhood - like the Jews in Nazis time wrote about their experience later.

17 November, 2011

The elites and the spies

Until I travel around to see how the gang stalking happening around the world, I did not know how the intelligence system works. They are actually working together now for the anti-Terrorism. They list the suspicious people who are unwelcome in their own countries. Then the local police and the informants work together with the foreign intelligence - often of the young people around college to the low income middle age people. The funny thing is that these intelligence people are very welcomed by the local perps and sometimes these people know someone in the local area.

The ones with friends can make more influence through the friends' friend. That is the gang stalking problem. Mobs can invite more for the mobbing. So, anywhere the victim moves, the one will be harassed because of the past mobbing experience somewhere. David Lawson wrote about the perps in Florida that they don't arrow the TI to stay in the area if the one does not know anyone there. It's the same for the gang stalking in everywhere. If you cannot know anyone, you would be bullied.

The another issue is that these mobs will try to help others. They can make up the story if they are asked for. They can damage TI's property for self punishment or whatever the wicked reason. In Croatia, I found the people with some Muslim claim would pump up the rage against the TI by the Croatian perps. The religious issues might be interesting as the middle east areas with more Muslims would love to get to know the TI or offers to help visiting the mosques. However, the French speaking perps (including the woman in Hajabs and man in Muslim rosary thing) would start do the complaining of whatever they found fault of the TI like the dirty floor from dropping some bread crumbs. And the Muslim perps would consider the TI to have no-religion and for the case of the female TI, they see her as a prostitute. Non-Muslim woman = prostitute. That's the Muslim extremist perps' thinking style. The Japanese perps are much like that, too. They can consider female TIs as if of a prostitute because of the "yellow cab" propaganda they made in the past. The perps often work with the kids will help to harass the TI with kids for the child-molesting claim. They don't have any feeling of sympathy against their mobbing as they are sociopaths who don't have anything else but the feeling of protecting their own family and enjoying the harassment as the sick entertainment from the routine jobs.

The certain people are on the governments' watchlist and they are harassed to be claimed either mental disease or criminal. Too bad, some church employees are working with them. Endless investigation, huh? I think I feel like I'm surrounded by the Neo-Nazi people or the communist groups. What if I share the gang stalker list from my German travel??? Mobbing is the core of the gang stalking, so the only one way to stop it is expose oneself as the TI and let others not to do the same sensitization again and again for PSYOP. The mobs come in numbers to harass the TI, so the TI has the right to expose who are the perps and what kind of skits they do for mobbing.

Anti-terrorism and the result is making the list of people who are whistlebrowers of the intelligence team's (including the local intelligence related people owned stores) wrong doing. If you study CIA's spending and how much they spent for setting up the front companies around the world, you know who are these gang stalkers capable of moving in and out in any stores. Chinese is doing the same now.

15 November, 2011

Neo-Nazi in Köln.

The BND cannot do anything against these neo-Nazi gang stalkers. They are part of the right wing people at the edge but also useful for their enthusiastic set-up jobs for achieving more awards and careers with their international bad-guy friend network.

The gang stalkers do the similar tricks - they set up the target and the group will harass the one to cause the psychological problem or commit a crime against them and they will make a revenge to send the one into prison with their false witness program. It's apart of COINTELPRO and no one can do about it. If Germans really want to take care, check out the local restaur ant, supermarkets, stores, hotels and see who are taking the minimum wages and working as the police informants. These people need extra cash and do some set-ups for the bad police and FBIs to make up the suspects. It's funny as these people are not listed as the extremists, and rather their victims are listed as so or leftist on the list.

If they want to know about the extremists in Köln, check out who hates Catholics and Christians there. Also, the Catholics who use the non-Catholic to harass others. I know Laura Krenz(?) of Köln is one of the gang stalker. Other German perpetrators travel with minimum things like an extra clothes in a daybag and no extra things. If you meet a German or Jewish guy with small backpack only for traveling more than several weeks, you can assume that person is on the gang stalking job abroad. These Neo-Nazi group has friends in the Bundeswehr, so they can use certain military equipments.

Germany's intelligence service came under sharp criticism Monday after revelations that a neo-Nazi terrorist group had been operating in the country virtually undetected for more than a decade and allegedly killed at least 10 people, most of them Turkish immigrants.

10 November, 2011

V2K perps and their information

Few things from the communication with the V2K perps. Some of the V2K perps would start a argument and the way how they make the argument, I learn more about the situation.

Corporate witness: the gang stalkers surrounds the target always. So, they can make the witness against the target anytime. It is not an equality of the witness but the target is the one to be the problem of the any matter happened there. The people having the negative image of the target and willing to make the witness against the one would be really bad. It is like a Black man is claimed as the problem by all White witnesses in the South. I don't know how the judges would handle in such case.

Paradise as the simple minded solution to make up the "Muslim terrorists." The perps might be wanting the target to be Muslim and have the thought of paradise as the primal matter in the Islamic view. This way, the perps can claim the target as s/he can probably do anything if the one goes to paradise. I never been to a mosque in my life, but if that is what the wise man there would speak out, then it would be something really stupid as these Muslims there would be very simple-minded to become like the terrorists instead. Operation Commando was like that, no? As I write about my view of Islamic paradise, it sounds not a good place for women. If the corrupted Muslims want to get many women in the paradise, they should go to Nevada or Amsterdam. They might change their religion and become hippies but that is good for the anti-terrorism purpose.

08 November, 2011

US weapon contains fake parts made in China

It's part of the Chinese communist strategy started from 70s. Ask Kissinger about what made them doing this. How long the US Army looks like to be owned by the United States while the core intelligence moved to Saudi Arabia already?
The merchants of death only want to make money. That's why Rockefeller's companies did not stop trading with Nazis Germany even after US started to fight against Nazis.

The Chinese companies are owned by the communist state and a bit of freedom on the policy making and such for the foreign inventors. So, if the workers are asked to cheat on the products for the national defense purpose, they do. China's potential great enemies are Russia and US. It's funny how the US is tricked from the briberies when they travel to China for the business. Individualism in the US now showing the ugly outcomes. Can they fight against Iran with these weapons? China supported Syria and would be on Iran's side via Pakistan.

Thousands of United States' warplanes, ships and missiles contain fake electronic components from China, leaving them open to malfunction, according to a US Senate committee.

05 November, 2011

How much intake will reach 10mSv?

This is an approximate level of intake that can cause 10mSv exposure to the human body. The intake would be differ in the foods and drinks, so I cannot guarantee that the intake will kill the test subject. 10mSv is the line to suggest people to stay indoors.

Cesium 770,000Bq/kg = 10mSv.
Iodine 450,000Bq/kg = 10mSv.

5000mSv can kill 50% of people and make them permanently sterilized.
Cesium 38,500,000Bq/kg = 500mSv.
Iodine 22,500,000Bq/kg = 500mSv.

The radioactive contamination from Fukushima contains multiple radioactive materials, so a good combo can increase the fatality.

10,000mSv can kill more than 90% of the people.
Cesium 770,000,000Bq/kg = 1,000mSv.
Iodine 450,000,000Bq/kg = 1,000mSv.

These children in Fukushima got Geiger Counter badges, aren't they? I am sure that the mad scientists are enjoying the human experiment like the time after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Same ethnic groups and more exciting researches they can work on.

And you can count the death rate from these information how far the average Japanese would live. They might eat the foods with the contamination of 500Bq/kg and 300Bq/L. Ah, here is a good news. You can see, the infants in Tokyo are drinking the contamination twice or three times as the regulation.

N-H-K has just reported that radioactivity readings in the water at Tokyo’s Katsushika purification plant now exceed the legal safety limits for infants.
Yesterday, the reading for radioactive iodine 131 was 210 becquerels per liter. Today it was 190 bq/l.
The legal limit for infants is 100 bq/l. For adults and other children, the legal limit is 300 bq/l.

Some foods like mushrooms have more than 10,000Bq/kg effects. So, trying something like those will help the fatal rate. I assume the water intake would be quite easy for reaching the limit.