30 May, 2012

Melanie Doutey in 1996

Here is the picture of Malanie Doutey's portrait when she was 18 years old. I have another pic with her in my room when we lived in England and she was attending EF in Brighton. She is my first kiss experience with a girl. She said that I am the first Japanese friend she ever made. What a good memory. You know, it would be easy when we had FB or other tools at that time and everyone gets to know others easily. Quite a rare picture isn't it?

29 May, 2012

So far so good.

I haven't post here for awhile as I was too busy for my life. But I recently learned some interesting strategies of the perps working on the specific techniques. I would share it later after I get away from these perps. What I can tell is that the perps do have some intentions in the small area and they do the job and later they don't bring it outside from the area after the time is up with the TI. It's like they act for the specific time period with the TI and then they leave without sharing any rapport with the TI as if a counselor or actor or someone who only do the trick for the time money was paid.

The basic form of the control process is very similar to how people use the 7 deadly sins, which are attractive to the wicked, and the wicked perps love using such things for encouraging themselves and even the TI to be engaged.

I wish I have time to write more about my result, but I'm too busy for awhile till this weekend.

People who are only thinking others as nice people get treated badly from such sins because they are unaware of how others can be nastier or worse. These people have certain tendencies and love to work in the organized crimes like gang stalking. We might be able to find them and label them as "toxic people" in order to avoid them. Maybe, the victims need "toxic individual" labels on the perps for being aware of their criminal and harassment actions.

22 May, 2012

Simple crash to learn the meaning of love

I was in a mood to write something really poetic, and ended up in the lines below. I don't really like to use too much for the expression of love and such. All I wanted to add was to show how it sounds like in the change of intimacy in the maturity. I used to be a poet, so it's easy for me to write something like this than the books with many details.

Simple crash to learn the meaning of love

My first love was like
banging my head around the wall
in the room without a door nor a window

My second love was like
I found a window very high above near the ceiling

Now I learned what it looks like
I was too blind and could not see
I was in a small room with white walls
with a steel-made door and high ceiling

The window?
It was always there not above
but the height of my upper body
So I could see the outside from the room

It's up to me to stay or leave
anytime I want from the room

When I found this out,
I missed my first experience of entering the room

16 May, 2012

Cursed Power for sale - 240,000Bq/kg in Tokyo

I found a funny article about black power found around in Tokyo and Fukushima. These mysterious black powders are found everywhere including the kids' play grounds. The kg level radioactive contamination is around 1,080,000Bq/kg. Maybe, some one can gather these powders and sell them as "cursed powder" in black magick shops. I think it would be really effective to make someone really sick even capable of killing them.




「放射線検知器を近づけてみると、明らかに反応があるので、汚染度が高いのかなとは思っていたのですが、まさかここまでとは……」「黒い粉」を都内で発見 した、市民団体「NO!放射能 江東こども守る会」の石川あや子代表は驚きを隠せない。「江戸川区のJR平井駅周辺で『黒い粉』らしきものを見つけ、採取したサンプルを神戸大学の山内知 也教授に検査してもらったところ、最大で1kgあたり24万3000Bqという数値が出たんです」。


「注意して見ると、『黒い粉』は都内の至るところにあります」と石川さんは言う。そんなにあちこちに高汚染の物質が転がっているのだろうか? という疑問を抱えつつ、「黒い粉」の調査に本誌記者も同行した。

まずは、JR平井駅から徒歩10分ほど。公営団地そばの運動場で「黒い粉」を発見した。フェンス近くで何か所にもわたって吹き溜まっていた「黒い粉」 は、一見すると黒い土のように見える。近づいてよく見てみると、乾燥して干からびたコケやカビのようなものであるとわかる。

「この前来たときと微妙に場所が変わっていますね。風雨で移動したのかもしれません」と石川さん。ガイガーカウンターよりも信頼性の高い、国産のシンチ レーション式放射線検知器を「黒い粉」に近づけてみた。すると数値が急上昇し、毎時2μSvを超えた。東京都の平均的な空間線量(地上1m)の約20倍 だ。山内教授は「一般的に携帯式の放射線検知器は周囲の放射線量の平均値を表示します。つまり、少量の物質に検知器を向けて数値が急上昇するならば、その 物質が極めて強い放射線を出している可能性があります」という。





果たして、「黒い粉」の正体とは何なのか? そして、「黒い粉」の性質を利用した効率良い除染方法とは? 5月15日発売の週刊SPA!「首都圏を襲う[放射能の黒い粉]」では、「黒い粉」の元になる物質の怖さのみならず有用性もまた報じている。 (http://nikkan-spa.jp/210857)

14 May, 2012

The church activities

I'm attending a foreign language mass in the evening. It gets a bit strange these days. I wonder if that is related with my living in Middle East and BiH, as I found half of the people from the middle row to the back were occupied with the people who do not take the communion. I don't know what happened to the church these days. It's Sunday mass, OK? How come half of the people in the church just sit on the bench and not take the communion???

Someone needs to bring a video camera for checking such strange activities....

I'm fine to be the instrument to be used as the evaluator of the people who have evil in their minds in order to make up the false witness and false record against me for the surveillance purpose. God punishes these who are doing the evil to the justs.

And I wonder why I got popular with barely adult people like around 20s these days. I don't know what made them think I'm attractive besides my experience and my wealth enough to support myself and travel around for my own needs... I can just add someone's name here, but it would be embarrassing for each of us, so I just continue the participant observation till I get enough information to share as my experience. It's the advantage of a writer and who studied anthropology to keep everything write down in the exact manner with more of objectivity. Now they would keep away from me, or not?? I like solitude with my Trappist attitude with "ora et labora" motto.

11 May, 2012

Artificial Fall in Love Strategy:

The people working in intelligence have advantage to make others like them for their benefits. After the MKULTRA, what kind of persuasion have been used by the intelligence to change others' minds. Here is one good example about how to make others fall in love by the foreign intelligence. They would also use NLP and other things like smart drugs.

Artificial Fall in Love Strategy:
Crucial points:
  • The subject of love must not talk directly to the victim, or it will become a normal love relationship.
  • The subject must pretend to show the emotion to the victim while the one makes the indirect communication with others to make the victim to listen. In this case, if all the people around the subject denies what they are doing, it only causes the victim to look like a paranoia or obsessed on the subject.
  • The subject is always with another friend for the eye-witness, thus they have a better position in the matter of the testimony.
  • The subject often has a steady friend, but pretends to be single. Thus the one will feel free to share one's emotion toward the target to others. However, when the target falls to the trick, the target will lose in the love triangle as everything is a set-up.
  • The attachment from the subject would be only about sex. The one will not show any other emotional attachment like showing love or gratitude. The subject might express the ownership like “she must be cooking for me” or “he must give me some gifts” as if for the obligation on the victim and that purpose is for the dominance over the victim.
  • When the perps are up to the “fall in love” skits, they would bring some multiple candidates in both genders for the harassment. For this reason, the target could be approached by several people at one time. This is not a regular occasion as that won't

Perp characteristics:
  • The subject might have many friends on one's side.
  • The subject might only talk about sex and often the one's family members would get along with the target if the entire family is working for the gang stalking.
  • If the victim is from a foreign country, the subject might have a close friend who speak the mother language of the victim. It helps in the gang stalker's report making about the victim.
  • The subject might stay with friends and family members to meet the target.
  • The subject may only see the target's body instead of the face. It's like for the expression of the sexual interest on the victim. In the case of female subject, she might wear the sexy clothes to make the victim's attention on her and do the gestures related with sex.
  • For the NLP examples, the male perp would show the glancing of the female victim's breast or butt and the female perp would see male victim's eyes and tries to do the body touch as the body touch from the female side can ending up as the claim of sexual assault by the male victim.
  • They would pretend to be very romantic and try to start from kissing before spending sometime to get to know each other for the evaluation period.
  • Once the subject and one's friends got information that the victim is fallen in love with the subject or having artificial fantasy of the subject, they will turn to the protective mode. They would pretend to protect the subject by the group including friends and family members. Sometimes, they showed up and sleep over at the subject's home and sometimes they have party to keep some strangers to stay in the home and in the area where the subject is up to. This helps to prepare for the fake false jealousy-related crimes and for the future possible assaults by the victim which are artificially created and manipulated.
  • When others are enough convinced, they would add some skits and anchoring for what they know about the victim and the rumor of the victim obsessed on the subject.
  • If it is possible, the perps will set up the story to make up the victim as suicidal and dangerous against the subject.

Electronic Harassment:
  • The primal EH to increase the victim's awareness about the subject by sending the artificial subliminal messages via V2K and thought induction.
  • These thought induction process might start in the period the target is not fully conscious like the time the one is about to sleep or about to wake up. It's like the time of the victim who has no moral judgment or reasoning for what the one thinking as if in the dream. The one might be able to accept the thoughts implanted as a rational information and unrealistic “what-if” scenarios. It is possible that a lower IQ victim might fall in such subliminal suggestions to advance in such scenarios. Although the victim might deny such information and the possibilities, the sub-vocal code reading can make the intelligence team to manipulate and create the false possible threat in the local society.

  • In a normal love relationship, the person who is in love would communicate directly to the person instead of seeing the person with many friends and family members.
  • The perp pretending to love the subject only by speaking to others to tell how he/she likes the victim, but the subject will never try to communicate directly to the victim.
  • The perp would only ask for the benefits and sexual relationship rather than the normal reciprocity communication.
  • The perp is always shows one's dominance over the person. The perp might be friendly and helps the person, but he/she won't do anything more than the necessary for creating the rapport chance with the victim.
  • The subjects' friends would be always on the side with the subjects and helps him/her to make up the story against the victim. So, there is no way of the victim to be equal position in the relationship with the demanding subject or subject's friends and relatives.

09 May, 2012

The mobbing and the socia assasination

It's quite true to find people doing the harassment on the minorities for the racism and other reasons. These people often have the attitude over others who are not with them. They get the group-think and they believe what they do is always right and have no attention for the other's feelings as they want to be the political and local power in the area. It's like the local extremists. The bad thing is that they can use the shields of other organizations where they belong. They can also help the others who are patrolling the area in another part of the country.

It's quite scary to think the local police and their informants in the area can kill people as if in the form of suicide. But that is often happens among the gang stalking(COINTELPRO) victims. I think that is natural to assume how the CIA is assassinating people around the world. When they cannot be persuaded, then they would use the army instead.

Sometimes, I think about writing about a new book, but I have so much things in my hands now. Even I don't have time for posting this blog.