03 September, 2013

Suspicious Asians (2 Asian women and 1 man) showed up yesterday

I took a bus to get to Montenegro. I'm in a live music bar for the Wifi now. I spent some time for relaxing in the beach. Nothing stolen so far from my bag as I was checking it all the time. When I settled down, I saw the people suddenly showing up near where I put my towel at the beach. I took pictures of them for the OSAM video of today.

Well, yesterday, I took few buses to Budva. At the first bus, a German couple rode the same bus. Then at Shkoder, the taxi drivers told me that the next bus would be at 4pm instead of 2.30pm which was on the Internet. So, I ate poke chop in the restaurant next to the big  mosque to make fun of it. You can do that there and have more fun in a group. In the bus to Ulcinj, I saw an Asian man sat in the bus. I noticed he has a Japanese passport and his first name might be "Yosuke" while someone helping to return the passport after the custom. He seemed to be speaking English with some accent and I heard him traveling to Podgorica. I don't know what happened to him, though. He had only a backpack, so I assume he might be one of those perps working with German perps. Germans got those perps who travel in small backpack and not really rich. I need time to get to another place near Belgium, so I'll add more when I got time.