07 January, 2013

I'm still sick but not that much like before

I got some people around me with cold or TB or whatever. You know, it was New Years time and everywhere was crowded. I got sick as if a normal cold with a fever. Then now it is coughing, watery mouth with coughing at night, diarrhea, fever around throat at night, lack of appetite.
When I was checking the symptoms on the Internet, I found one possibility is Anthrax. Well, nothing can be left while it is a possibility... Say, I found the worst scenario and that is highly unlikely and felt better from such reasoning. Now we should bring the strength of Positive Psychology.

I cannot believe I haven't eat for few days. Last time was after the New Years Day and I ate soup and breads. Then I tried to eat hamburger and somewhat I threw up. I just need a bit of rest for now. Perhaps, I just stay one more week in such idling situation.

Well, now I can check Internet and even write blog entries like this. My health condition is not that bad. I'm talking multi vitamin drink instead of water, and protein mixed soy/rice milk for the protein taking purpose. That should be quite good nutrition for someone on the bed. Ah, I go to the church on Sundays, and that was not missed.