27 January, 2013

The Apparition Hill tour was today

I thought the tour was yesterday, but it was actually today and I had no problem joining the praying group. There were many Croatian speakers going together with a friar. The Korean group I saw yesterday was not there, so I assume they have their own schedule for themselves.

At the statue of the Virgin Mary, I saw a small cross on the edge of the Star of David style brick frame. And there was a pink rosary left at the statue with some letters and such. I saw a tall old man with white hair took that pink rosary and left. I saw it was not complete and saw the broken part still left near the flowers. I guess some people might leave rosary and other things there.

During the mass, the Korean group showed up and took the two main benches in the center to the right and left. I wanted to stay away from them, so I sat to the left side bench next to the wall. During the communion, the people to my left and the 2 rows to the back did not move. I saw more people to the back did not move. I don't know if these side are for the guests who are not yet baptized or the tourists. But I don't think that is a normal situation as the middle two benches got so many people taking communion and I could not see anyone remained on the bench. I could film those not moving people, but there was a kid on the bench behind of me. To avoid the pedophilie claim by the perps, I did not film them this time. I could put the narration and film the situation to make fun of those strange people.