11 November, 2017

V2K speakers talking

I've heard from the Japanese V2K people that there is a Hungarian guy talking like how he would be well off from swindling others especially single women in UK and Hungary for migration with some wealth. He has a wife and feels safe for his status. And he thinks he can send all Asian women to the Asian Muslims network for the possible bride and that is how he could exploit the female wealth and woman rights such as checking their emails and other activities.

Another is Ide from Sakaide city and he is called as Baka or idiot. He would be something to do with the US Army Croat locomotives.

And the old "Ji-an" saying cop is called as Sakabe from Yamagata prefecture. He would be one of the old guy in the cop industry and brought the fake Tokyo University professors to work in Croatia and Bosnia areas. There would be so many fake Tokyo University people like so many Beijin University graduates from China to be working as clerks or something abroad.

Is there any illegal Korean migrants working as the Catholic priest in Zagreb Cathedral area? There are some illegal Koreans in the city in such status, the V2K speakers said.