09 November, 2017

"Ji-an" and "Ji-on" as the future robot type inhabitants from Bosnia

The V2K speakers can tell something to be known in the location I pass through by the GPS system which is shared sometimes by the future research people and the clones from the future that have the advanced future checking program.

There are some futures to be available but not all are connected. Organizers clan died after some groups engaged in the killing of the key people. Thus, other groups get funds from such a clan making to prevent new governmental style in future. Also, I've heard Germany fixed the earthquake zone by creating fiber added bridges around to keep the underground cliffs to be connected somehow.

Meanwhile, Japanese SDF people tried to be working with the future UN group which are mainly from the American continents as Russians would be dominant in Eastern Europe area as the threat they thought. What happened was the old Meiji or WWI and WWII knowing type Japanese males to be added as the advisers of such SDF and Japanese police groups. And they are engaged in the Muslim philosophy and Islamic doctrine pushing forward to erase their feeling of sex offender or thievery or anything to be a violation of the International Law. And what they did was the SDF people tried to share their aim of surviving together with the future groups. The current future research tells that the Japanese SDF would just pass through China to Russia for the attack but the SDF airplane just activates the massive heart attack weapon in the middle of China and makes the satellite weapon to kill all the Chinese up to the borders. As, it takes awhile to find everyone died off, Chinese sends enough nukes to Japan and the massive nuke drop killed Japanese population as well. And that is the coming future for Japanese. To avoid this, Japanese SDF tried to get to know the future groups by food giving (the ones contaminated with the human sperm to feel superior against the girl solders just as usual) and even trying some gas problem and sudden stomach pain weapons through the chemical intake on them. And they tried the war exercises on the women who came as clone first to see how they react when the SDF solders kill them. They brought new clones while these locals told the future people that some of their own solders are wild. But the future people are just in the past location for the observation purpose only.

There is some bizarre thing to happen in future by the Japanese crazy men who killed neighbors using the radioactive contaminated foods and clothes and made wealth by stealing the victims' wealth to move abroad. One of them is the man called as "Ji-chan" and he is to be said from Higashisaibara village. He killed some people using the radioactive contaminated boots and made kids to wear it for fun and the kids died later. He helped the funeral and stole the funeral time inheritance money. And he asked others to learn how to cure the hunger by "eat the women" by having sexual intercourse as the replacement of their hunger feeling for the males and later he suggested to eat the women and kids for making the killer clan to be rich taking everything from women and single women.

This "Ji-an" seemed to be working with Naksasone and Kaku ex-PM clans from Japan in Croatia to Bosnia areas and they are engaged in the Japanese SDF and mafia migration by taking out the existing normal merchants and foreign students who are not "exchange students" who the government chose to ship them for study and policing.

According to what the future research can tell is that the "Ji-an" would be called as "Ji-on" and they would be using the gesture "Arc Ji-on" with the right hand movement of 180 degree arc making toward the body from right side. That is Robotoid and they eat the human body made as the paste in the water in the Balkans. They could get the Taconoid from the AD 3000 plus time to make them gone mad to keep their knowledge base to be misused for "Ji-on" groups. What they did was to add the human blood in the Taconoid core. It changed the blood components to be more obedient to share the knowledge as the virtual brain simulation of what Taconoid owns and it made the Taconoid brain to be sucked up - as a matter of fact they exist as the Earth creature and sucked up for the knowledge vibration.

Anyway, if the future clones are really existing, they should not be working with Japanese nor Koreans nor even Chinese for the world dominance in fear. They are just looking for the militarization for the exercise of war against anything they could attack on such as single women and single parents and so on.