04 November, 2017

Gang Stalking Analysis - 19th Wave Network Conference in Budapest

Here is the video about the gang stalking skits happened at the Wave Network anti-human trafficking conference in Budapest. I saw people sat next to me kicking my bags with their boots. I used to wear CAT boots and changed it to the Vans black plain shoes to look safe. Then some people tried to stomp on my shoes sometimes. I had boots before and sometimes its heel areas shaved. And some Asians showed up at the conference but their names like Ms. Parks are not on the registered list. The main dish at the restaurant was only one available when I was waiting on the line but there were actually two choice. So, I thought one side poisoned... Did anyone die already from the food consumption? And I saw a Muslim woman with someone with a Wave conference bag outside of the church yesterday.

What I've learned form the meeting is that they have the control group to represent the victims. So, the perpetrators could be translators, counselors, volunteers to speak the victim's thoughts and control the victim's own decision making toward the society and the government systems. Also, they could bring someone to get the new ID for the social work in the community. Someone Chinese could get a Japanese name and ID for awhile as an illegal migrants working for the police friends while the real victim would be suffering by a new illegal working status added. And worst thing is the human trafficking help by the actual NGOs to get benefits from the Islamic organizations that are always looking for the females for the sexual practices on the libido training. As far as I saw, some volunteers are working with the Muslims for the gang stalking.