12 November, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 12th, 2017

I checked-out from Party Hostel and went to Funk Hostel. I saw a German car parked near the cafe I waited till the check-in time. The hostel declined my reservation due to the overbooking just like at Party Hostel. My booking was confirmed by the Booking.com already, so this could be a gang stalking strategy of claiming their target to be in a cheap dorm room and declined to delete the information for the further defamation. Party Hostel and Funk Hostel booking problem could be caused by Chillout Hostel where the female clerk started a conversation of "are you leaving? do you keep your luggage in your room?" etc for the theft attempt. So, I made another reservation. On the way, I saw the tram driver pealing and cutting an apple while she was driving. And I saw some more German cars around. At the new location, there was the typical synchronized movement happened with the guest next to my room. There was a young man showed up from the door and left when I arrived to my room. Also, he had the cap with something mentioning about future as if about my V2K groups' Future Research stories.