06 November, 2017

"Tahel Anatomie" the worst future snuff video series information book on sale!

I finished publishing the notorious information about the worst snuff film series to be created in near future. It is called as "Tahel Anatomie" and some Japanese and Turkish migrants are responsible for creating such a series starting from Tulza to the south and even in Japan and the US. This video series invoked the fear factor search in Bosnian migrants in Scandinavia later to build the warship for making a chaotic joke series of dead meat floating around to the shoe for scaring groups. It is called as Creatures. It started as dropping a leg for the Croat woman's body for fun to see it crashed and changed its shape after hitting on the ground. Then, it get some characteristics by adding something for the ethnic identities - a hat for the UK victim's torso, or a Timex watch for the American victim's arm plus torso parts, etc. And such Creatures information is not added to the epub. Each video information goes with the illustration as the brief image of the story.

The V2K speakers told me that Tulza one is responsible of someone called as Mr. Hata - not Hato (Croat nickname in Japanese) but Ta (as Turkey) added to be Croat Turk image guy. So, someone named Mr. Hata could be related with the snuff video making in Bosnia in future.