10 November, 2017

Chillout Hostel crime set-uppers and the Islamic Terrorists stealing things in Zagreb

Here is the stuff banned by the Facebook from today. Yesterday, there were some Muslims showed up at the entrance door at Chillout Hostel and then one of them tried to stalk me. And the reception complained about my posting on T.R.A.C.T. reporting the community terrorist on FB page about the potential Muslim groups for claiming someone to be a Muslim. Then they said they called police when I shouted them back if they are stealing my stuff. The female clerk asked me if I was leaving with my luggage as a slut and the potential stealing from the solo traveler. AND THIS PART IS IN THE VIDEO AND FACEBOOK BANNED IT!!! And I wasted my time from waiting the police guys. Later, I talked with the police guys and the same hostel female clerk cheated me on the refund by complaining that the cancellation would be 48 hours in advance and I was tricked and the first time was only 200HRK (one night payment) to be refunded and I complained and she gave me 400HRK (2 nights) - I missed one more nights for the 5 nights total staying payment from 1052HRK. The second video shows this cheating as the real fraud and crime set-upping process. There was some supermarket bags left under the counter and that is the model I used to bring back from Konzum the day before.  And my room got some bed bugs from last night. I guess Muslims did some tricks like putting the bed bug in my room as a typical Islamic harassment and later would be taking the handles of female targets' belongings.

Since FB banned me for a month, I just work on making donation site for the Chillout Hostel cheating money and even my extension cord loss in my room 26.