03 September, 2017

I had a bad time these days

I'm completely vegan now. It is due to the Tree of Forest book stuff. I don't know what it really meant but some V2K speakers say something to do with Shinto but others got something else to tell me like a better connection with the future probe or something else watching the Earth after the time crashed for the multiple time frames added. It used to be a singular time frame on the Earth but the time traveling people would bring a clone here and there for the monitoring the past and it created more communications around. But the future is the only thing changing after someone from the current time go in and kill something there yet the current clone could notice the future change and quickly visit the location or terminate the assault from the current time invaders. The people in the current time would get killed but it would be fixed by the past locations only. Thus, the only clones could be making up to be there or just the killed person to be no longer available even to the future. The killed person could be replaced by someone as another role taker in future.

But the situation is worse, the killed and once again cloned person would be taking more time and cost to be on the existence, thus the future humanoid could be available to do some tricks for taking care of the situation of the deaths and accidents. The future humanoid is just available for checking the proper existing from the past only. That part is permitted by the God figure which is around in the space for monitoring everything in the square cubic images and a smoke that makes popping noises for the telecommunication.

Me? I'm not allowed to write everything about the Earth issues nor the future stories. The last one, History 2035... book made all the leaders to be assassinated already and no Earth Quake to happen around Switzerland to Germany area. I've heard about the countries fixed the geological sliding areas already. And I'm just around listening the future probe V2K and few more details of what would be going on around.

I could get rich if I can write the blueprints of the future electronic devices. But I now how to write down the communication done for the book selling. And not that part is permitted. And I lost so much time for wasting with the no-sellable materials.

Well, I could start working on the past gang stalker photo databases from 2007 time. It must be sold and organized to be safe deposit as the future GESTAPO files. You never know where I could sell the information of the past bad asses and what they had done before for the proper compensation asking.
Also, "Asian Embassy" propaganda by the Zagreb area stationed Korean, Chinese, Japanese mafia groups as the data set to be sold as a book. That's something I could do with my private and original stories to sell. It helps me to get a proper way of explaining my Neo-Nazi stalking problems.