11 August, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 11th, 2017

I had a strange experience today. I moved the photos to my laptop yesterday at a cafe. I had a problem opening the Jana lemon bottle and tried to open it by hitting it on the table and a guy at the same floor tried to help me open it while I was taunting him as a monkey and filming him failing to open a bottle. The V2K speakers said that women would ask help from a man and such as if for the weak Muslim image making by the observers. I'm not a Muslim at all but the poor useless people would just claim someone as a Muslim and getting police money from the false eye witnessing. I have an Israel flag ready to show off for my safety these days. Well, when I walked to another cafe today, I saw many sisters on the street. I saw a German car OF... also. But I found nothing in my SD card from yesterday till the photo in the cafe! So, I used the data recovery software to see the deleted photos but nothing was existing but the day old ones. I had no idea how this data loss went from my Nikon AW130 camera of the year before. It never happened to me with it.

And here is the video blog. Look at the same couple showed up from the flower square to near my accommodation and a sister and a woman standing around.