04 July, 2017

Hungarian government and Soka Gakkai University Students

To be honest, I would just share what happened to the Future Research and the future writings to be given to me. Well, I write my own books but sometimes the Voice to Skull people gave me some information for writing the stories like the background stories from the location in the past.

Robert Heathrow is one of the author whose books are given to me by the US-friendly V2K people. There were bunch of V2K speakers who gave me other books. Japanese V2K speakers gave me "Diggy" and "Tom's Friday." The US-friendly ones gave me "The Pavilion" and "Aihabby" as an example and asked me to donate for the US Army. As long as these books are very popular in future as the best seller, I would agree for the returning the money. Well, "The Pavilion" is done, 2 and 7 are half done. A part of volume 3 is given recently but the location is not really good because of the Korean and Chinese stalking and even manipulating.

"Diggy" supposed to be the story shortly created by the UCB student in the classroom. So, it was quite short and funny. I was not asked to share it as it was just for fun with the auto typing and reading only.

"Tom's Friday" is the book from the future Norway and the author could be the same as "Tonic Shoes" one which is given partially recently.

But about the US-Friendly ones, I had some incident. There used to be the Hungarian woman who has been helping me typing up in Budapest sometimes and got some "line issues" there. The note taking in EU was hard as the stories are not to be given from the future time readers. And there was the rader issue of catching the communication. The woman who the V2K speakers introduced me as the first lady helped me typing a bit by relocating herself to be in the underground medical facilit in the island on the river. That one is one of the location safe for the emergency use for such a high official who can receive the communication from somewhere special. They say, that's from Nauts.

And it was in April when I was in Hungary and moved to Zagreb for the Jewish Film Festival. There were some incident I've heard about the fight between the different police groups. Japanese got some strange ones who were working for the Japanese SDF or the Japanese emperor's clan. The Hungarian woman visited Zagreb also for testing of the communication to be shared. I've heard she lost eyesight due to the reading the sensitive material when I was typing it up. Some said that people lost the eyesight due to reading of the sensitive information. In my case, I was typing up, so it was safe. And I heard that one time she was so upset from the hallucinating technique done by the monitors near Hotel Dobrovnik in Donj Grad when she was cooking something for the late meal. It was something to do with chili. Then she was forced to leave her hotel for safety due to unknown reason. Then she eventually lost her cane and went somewhere with the evacuation vehicle. Later, she was found nearly killed in the hotel elevator because of the Bosnian UN security guy. The Bosnian UN pair got two in the hotel and one to be trying to kill her while another to steal her bag with IDs from her hotel room. It was a long time ago story. But the woman was stripped off and was killed by some other people who were the opposing side near the lake to the West from Zagreb but not the one near the City Center One. The lake is more isolated location and got some others also got killed there before while they were asked to get there by other security forces. But the woman was revived as the clone to keep the things going. I've heard about her started making the hand made ice cream and later introduced to her friends in Zagreb but it failed. And there was one poisoning death happened to the old pair in Hungary. And she would be revived again and some Koreans showed up to complain the bone remains in their property. I've heard her working at the museum area on the hill to the west in Budapest. 

What went wrong is that the old woman had the meeting with Osaka people or in Osaka. Then she had some oggy time to be working with the Japanese group who are harsh against women. The male dominance is what these Japanese males would say and even try to use the electronic harassment devices to make some injury causing troubles. A sudden movement of the finger to make someone to drop something, etc. The old woman taunted me sometimes from yesterday. The Japanese V2K people told me that they pushed her with the sexual issues first and then pushed to talk about "governmental" and even talking about how to evict someone with "debit" problems. The old woman was bragging about the large household like a hill making and even claiming me to be on the debit to her to make a small car garage on the bottom area. And such imagination made me to guess how others who are claiming to be the estate handler to make the local shop and building owners tote create the situation that the room renters and shop customers to be vulnerable against their stories. The ownership for causing others to be weak and easily exploited. These V2K speakers said that "debit problem" is the easiest way to turn Hungarians to be working for the robbing from others. 

The old woman told me that she was working with the Okayama and Osaka university student groups in Hungary. These Japanese people could be telling the old woman and others that they could be easily killing the people with weak social ties while they exploit others for their own wealth making 

I've heard that she would be visiting Budva area in near future to make an arrangement that the she could claim the "debit" making possible by just sit in another table at a nice restaurant. Well, Nobu from Budapest has a restaurant in St. Stefan, so some Japanese agents might be working on the restaurant area for helping their mafia members to show up for such issues. Also, she said she would help the brain surgery on me remotely with the existing technology to help the Japanese university students who are eager to be working with her. 

The old woman taunted me about how she could order the local police to catch me in Budapest. We, I contacted the local Budapest police sometimes already about the Asian gang stalking and Muslims stalking, etc. So, I might contact the local Budapest police about the possible connection about such a threat. Me? I have the evidences of Germans stalking me in Budapest so many times. And I have the book copies.