04 July, 2017

Roof Top

I forgot to tell about the scary movie which had the scary visual images with some tricks to activate the imagination.

This story is from one of the Japanese speaking V2K people and they watched the movie and saw it very scary.

It is about the theater village in Ohio and a male called Phill went missing. Aimy is another character to be described. Bill is also in. A crazy woman was found in the hospital and saw the gorilla image on the window.

I just gave some information as the set up of the story. The typing is half done. But that was a fun story to read. If the movie would be released in future, I can tell how I've got the right story from the future visiting people's fun materials

Ah, I forgot about the "UN One - the Highway" book. It's the next generation material for the UN which replace the current US position after the debit and the chaos to come. Creatures? The scary human and animal hide created animal monuments to come 1/3 of the people would be in hanger, and so on. And that's the new U in the US. But I debunked a bit on FB and it seems only the males to be start punishing the female officers who are more like the anti-Islam types. Then, there would be no more women to get the children while the males gone crazy and violent against women and children s the natural way of their own desires to be fulfilled.