01 February, 2013

The Korean group is gone

The Korean group did not show up in the evening mass. I assume they went home after a long stay. There were some more people taking out their jackets for today's mass and they are in different rows. I saw a man with a small Jack Wolfskin logo sat in few rows to the front. Well, there are only 3 people with Jack Wolfskin jacket so far in the church. The situation is usually look like a cover up of something suspicious, so keeping the record every day with the time stamp makes it more unrealistic.

It's late and I need to go to bed now or I need to turn on the heater. I'll add the film and others tomorrow, the personal cleaning day. I like cleaning the room once per a week and doing it on Saturday makes me feel better to have a clean room before Sunday, the international resting day except in the Arab world.

Here is the video of the green Jack Wolfskin jacket.