10 February, 2013

The mass yesterday and day before yesterday

The day before yesterday, there was nothing much happened. I saw the Asian woman sat on the bench where she usually is and the Italian woman with gray hair sat on the same seat like one day before. It was as if people kept in the same position as if they pretended to be normal while I'm the one complaining about something strange like a stranger always sit near me especially on the back and praying the rosary in a foreign language loud. It's a form of gaslighting. Such a claim without a proper evidence won't make people to believe it.

So, here is my video blog from yesterday.

When I left my home, a neighbor showed up and headed toward the church. She was walking in front of me so I took a picture. I was going there a bit late, so it was a bit strange to see a neighbor also going to the church late as well. I think it would be a famous synchronization strategy of gang stalking. There were a Italian couple sat behind of me and the man shouted rosary prayer loud. He could sing some Croatian songs during the pause of rosary praying, so I assume he came here often and knows a bit of Croatian. There were plenty of the Italian speakers around. I heard V2K perps saying a famous Buddhist mantra in Japanese. When they use the sub-vocal code to send their thought to be heard by their victim, they can record the victim's thought by the sub-vocal code movement. They wanted to make me mixing religious actions. Later, I saw an Italian speaking woman sat to my left holding hands in front of her as if of praying in a Buddhist temple. She was doing it during the rosary praying. The woman to my right can pray rosary in Italian, but she seems her Croatian prayer is better than her Italian. So, I assume her primary language is Croatian but learned Italian later. I noticed that she cannot pray all the rosary prayer in Italian such as "Glory to be."

The V2K Japanese perps threatened me to go to Moster, so they can make up the story of me visiting mosque there. It's a shame if I get near the area with Muslims, the perps including the Mulsims try to make up "Muslim claim" against me just like of shoplifting claim done by some stores in Germany. Well, I thought back like "they think Moster as a ghetto area with Muslims. If it was the time of Nazis era and the area with Jews are often called as ghetto. It's funny they think Muslims are in the same status like criminals even here." Anyway, the V2K perps were saying that they recruited some taxi drivers for the witnessing. I've never been to the area with Muslims in BiH. I had already over 640€ damages to my belongings in Sarajevo 2 years ago. I don't wanna see anyone dangerous. It's a shame that even Medjugorje got some extremists like gang stalkers doing the selfish patrolling. I'm thinking to make the Medjugorje perp list for the visitors and for myself in the future visit. I came here in 2009 and 2011 and so on. This area was safe at that time and I had not such harassments. Perhaps, the staying in Germany made me to get more accusations of shoplifters and the relationship with Muslims. I've never go out with Muslims while Muslims are mysteriously stalking me in the street in München and showed up in the classrooms.