17 December, 2012

Suspicious Muslims in the metro station and in the metro

These days I'm staying near Münchener Freiheit and take metro from there every day. In the morning, I found both U6 and U3 metros stopped at the station and one of them slowly leaves. I was on U6 and waited and found U3 moving, but U6 stopped till another U3 came, so I moved to U3 as I thought that metro had some problem. But when I was in U3, U6 metro started to leave. Then I figured out the metro only moves away one by one after both occupied the station. So, I remained in the U3.

During that period, I saw a woman with hijab stood in front of the empty bench. I saw her standing while both U6 and U3 metros were there. It was strange as there are two choices for the ride while she just stood there. I took a picture from the metro and then she suddenly rushed away to somewhere. If she doesn't know which metro to take, she could just ask people or look the metro map instead of just standing there. I think she is one of the perp, so here I share her picture.

And I saw another Muslim woman who was in the train suddenly showed up near the door from far away corner and stood in front of me before exiting from the metro. Sometimes, I see Muslims showing up in front of the church when I was about to enter and such. The perps might confirm such incidents as if I'm with Muslims for the false witness program. Just like what Eman from Tunisia did at Augastinerbräuhaus when I attended Goethe Treff one time.