14 December, 2012

Vodafone USB Stick WIfi sucks!

Since I got problem with network missing from the Vodafone USB Stick program, and I went to the Vodafone store on Leopaldstr. 68 today. My USB stick seemed to have no problem with connection with my computer. It seemed only the Network searching part, that it doesn't find any server ready.

When I went there, there was a guy Faith Cxxx, who is a Wifi expert. I talked with him with my voice recorder on. There was a female customer next to me and was talking about the topic of police and then making fun of someone as idiot. I thought I was sure of that I got their anchoring/gaslighting-type conversation and tried to save the recorder. Then I found it had run out of the battery and did not record it. I had more than half of the battery ready, but only in few minutes, it got less battery and could not record it. Damn, the best part that that Faith guy asked me if that USB stick is mine or somebody else as if of what the V2K perps said that they wanted to make them ask about it when I visited the store. I could tweet that one before visiting the store though..

Then I talked with the guy and my computer got windows problem. It does not happen usually so I filmed that part with my digital camera. From that time, I held my digital camera and recorded the conversation as much as possible.

Right now, I bought a new USB wifi but using the wifi from an internet cafe where a police parked a ban in front of it. So, I would report it later with the entire video about the incident and how I cannot use my Vodafone stick.

At the Vodafone store, there was an employee with "Police" logo. He was there helping the customer, but when I went out and heading to U-Bahn station, he was following me and I filmed that one for the gang stalker actually stalking me. I let him walk ahead of me and kept filming. He ended up on the corner of the U-bahn station just downstair of the steps. He did not take a metro but remained there and later he started to follow me, so I rushed to the metro downstairs to get wifi somewhere.

I will share this Police logo guy stalking me to U-Bahn station in my next post. And the guy next to him holding the paper is the WIFI expert who is not really helpful.