24 December, 2012

An American perp in the train

I saw some perps in the train I took few days ago. Here is one example. The man in the yellow sweatshirt is a perp from the US. The old man next to him is also a perp. There were some perps showed up and occupied the sheets in front of mine. They were speaking in English about the nano robotics and the micro engineering. I met many students in Germany who want to study psychology, or the nano science which is related for the medicine and engineering. Well, that sounds familiar for the human experiments like MK ULTRA but the new one with the cutting edge technology of neuro science and BMI. What if the students recruited into the gang stalking and are promissed to get the job after the graduation? Who are working for the MKULTRA? Psychiatrists. And how about these people? They might be engaged in the researched funded by the military or the big pharma. When I went to the bathroom, this man with the yellow clothes also showed up. He was waiting behind me, but when I went in to the bathroom, someone tried to open the door by turning the knob sometimes. I wonder he is a perp and wanted to make a borgus 'prostitute' claim or something for the gang stalking.