28 November, 2012

ZOS - Zone of Separation series

Have you heard the sitcom called "ZOS - Zone of Separation"? It's about the UN people working in a small countryside village in Bosnia and Herzegvina during the Bosnian War period. It's not really an action movie but more like to tell how people handled trauma and the conflicts among the natives and the UN people as well. If you know the history of Yugoslavia and how the insiders took the all the wealth, it's worth watching. The country still has the land mines even near Sarajevo, the capital city.

I lived next to the UN building in Sarajevo and learned a bit about the people working in the embassies and other organizations. The film shows how people accepted religion and the meaning of the peace in their own way. I guess that is what they needed to do in order to survive with their moral needs for their own while they must rationalize some part of ethical view due to their social activities in order to survive in the conflict. I'm personally on the Croatian side as a Catholic, so I enjoy watching the corruption of Bosinan as it is in the current country (sorry, but it is true for what happened to my damage over 640€). The politicians there is not that corrupted. I should add that one for people know me there.

It's free to watch from MyVideo.com.
Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Episode 3: