07 November, 2012

Karstadt and Tengelmann at Münchener Freiheit

I had some time yesterday to visit Nord See seafood restaurant and Tengelmann in Münchenter Freiheit. I filmed the situation to check if the alarms would beep or not. Luckly, I had no problem there. It was just funny why I got alarms beeped only during September and the beginning of October. I haven't visit Tengelmann for awhile because of the false beeping trouble at the entrance and the cashier. Maybe I try to film in Tengelmann in the area to check if they have the alarm working in a strange way or only at the ones near Ostbahnhof and Karlsplatz. I should return to Tengelmann at Karlsplatz with my camera on like this one for the revenge match with the false alarm though ;D