12 May, 2017

Room invasions? - and the sudden "log out from another location" warning

At Hotel Terminus, I found the hole on the ceiling near the entrance door of Room 106 in morning. I found the zipper part I bought long time ago for fixing the jacket pocket left next to my porter bag on the floor. I never had such a strange experience like this zipper part was just left like that way. I taped the door and window areas for the safety. And they seemed not to have any damages.

I moved to another hotel yesterday. When I woke up, the ring tone for the wake up alarm was different. I didn't change it and that was the "standard" tone. I don't know how it was changed. At least, the tone was the same the day before at Terminus Hotel. I don't change tone at all and such a strange thing happened.The tone had the door banging type part in. I use the normal Windows 10 phone and it could be easily found by other uses which ring tone was used.
The clerk told me to be in the double bed room yesterday and such thing happened. And today, I was asked to stay in the queen size bed room next to it. Someone stayed in this room last night and today I'm using it. 

So far, nothing was stolen.

And I found the sudden "log out" warning while I was writing postings here.  Someone logged off from another location and I had to log in again. But the log in was just clicking the button only to open up the rows of the posting screen. Just kinky things are happening.

Also, when I was in Skopje twice, I found someone made the FaceBook banning from the old postings. So, first time I was banned for 24 hours and the second time was 3 days banning.

I don't know why such things are going on - but Germans are stalking me and one Bosnian car is around the corner. I was stalked by Bosnian cars in Lyon and even in Wien. Now what?