07 May, 2017

The 5 year German stalking evidence? Here it is. Now, give me compensation money, German Embassy!!!

I have been stalked by German cars since I left Munich in December 2012. Everywhere I went, Germans stalked me. I could write the book about München 2012 and German cars after 2012 as the example of their famous "rat lines" around in Europe since the World War II.

I can prove the existence of the "rat line" by this video! See how silly a Munich car showed up when I was explaining on the video footage with my poster of the German car list for sale from 2013 to 2015 in front of a German car parked for a week or more across my hotel, Hotel Ani (I thought it was in Hebrew as meaning I but it was not) in Skopje.

German madness going on. No one helps me. How such funny thing going on by these Germans? I wanted to ask about it to the German Embassies around in Europe for the better explanation. I proved the "rat line" and now what?