28 April, 2017

Shrinking Earth - 3038 FRI model

The Earth might get perished in 2043. The location not far from the north east of Madagascar not far from India. That spot would suddenly sink and everything would spilled out like how someone would peel the orange skin out - first is the one put to the inside and then to be inside out motion. And when the inside out motion starts, all the creatures die out due to the lack of the oxygen. There would be some continent just survives as a black hole effect to get some condensed water in a jar type with some frozen animals inside. It could survive for few days in such a form. Also, the ones in the aero uniform would feel the sudden vomiting of the Earth on top of the planet. The ones working at the space station would see the sudden vomiting of the Earth as a sudden black out of the Earth surface image and then the space storm caused them to die out with the small shucks built in the space.

To prevent this Earth perishing, a French institution develops a theory of making 2 polar ice barriers to be located above and below the Earth. Then one side would be moved for 23 degree? to keep the Earth's magnetic barriers still intact.

   ==     (ice pole)
    O       (the Earth)
   ==     (ice pole)

And moves the top ice pole to the west
  //  O  

So, the UK would do this trick by just send 100s of goat bones to be floated as the core structure to catch the water shot up from the ocean. When the water shot up, the sudden Earth shrinking happens to the east from the shot location. It caused the major hoed cities in the Central Asia region. And this is a new physics model about the Earth technology of the war without a weapon but to reduce the ocean water.

However, the ice pole model worked and "the shrinking Earth" happened around 2040s.

And the history continues till 4000 or more. At that time, there are only few types of humanoids existing in different body shapes. I could share more information on my new "History 3038, 4048" book. For the past Future Research Institute studies, please read, "History 2035, 3005, and beyond."