26 April, 2017

3 days violation of the use and banning on Face Book now

I signed in and saw the Facebook telling me that they removed a post I made long time ago.
"Serbs are good hunting Muslims."
And I don't know when I wrote down. But as far as I know, I wrote on the area with Anti-Islam issues around.

What's wrong with the comment when someone like me is a victim of Muslim mafias stalking around????

I should add something to make my sentence better?
"Serbs are good hunting Muslim killers, Muslim terrorists, Muslim militias, and so on."

Is that sounds good?

I took a photo of the posting. It says more banning would result on my Face Book account terminated. Say, I would just do some prank on the REAL MUSLIMS, then. That sounds better for me than the sissy writings on FB.