28 April, 2017

History 3038 and 4048 and so on plus "Bacteria Killer Cinnamon" book info

The V2K speakers told me that they received the information about the contents of the future research study in 3038 and 4048. I just had time and there were some V2K speakers who had the access to the information helped me to write down the information about 3038 and 4048 a bit these days. I wrote on the blank note about 20 pages long. The V2K speakers said that they own 28 pages long information. So, I'm just catching up what they have for sharing.

Archivers. The UK people would be called so as everything would be sent to the double planet.
Aleisters. Aussies after the war between New Zealand conquered it and against the US. The US dumped nuke hazardous materials from the air shipped from Oregon Airport. So, they developed a new device looks similar to what Alesiter Crawley had in his book and it worked. So, their name changed for the techno gimmick people.

Archivers get their people to travel on the space by drinking the cinnamon essence. They had an Indian man who got fever and only had the cinnamon and cinnamon water for 20 days and survived. So, his information was added for the trip with the cinnamon tree. And the second trip with 30 leg-less people plus a large cinnamon tree worked for the 1 month space simulation and returned to the Earth. Will this be the epic invention for the space travel without the food cartridges?  The Indian's method in the space is lick the cinnamon tree water. A large hole is made just above the branch of the tree on the trunk and let the water came off from there to make the passengers to lick the water comes out from the hole in the space ship. It would be the tree wax.

The Indian guy wrote a 300 pages wrong picture contained book, Bacteria Killer Cinnamon, and he was published in the Royal Press before his assignment to the space mission.

Whoever uses this cinnamon method to make a trip to the space, you must donate some money to me for the knowledge you used. I'm the one got information from the future research.