12 May, 2017

Sudden slowing down of my typing - a hacking for the typed item check?

I've heard the Koreans are responsible for the mind reading and other issues such as the sudden slowing down of my typing to be show up on the screen. It happened sometimes and the problem solved when I used another writing software - such as the different word processing software.

The stalking could be related with the Fusion Center and the mind controlled Muslim practice making people. They might have enough knowledge in Islamic issues but they would start judging others with their Islamic views. So, they are basically the Islamic threats in the neighborhood and the non-Islamic person would be targeted by them. And they could say, it's a test for just practicing how the victim would be tortured by what they say as the prediction.

So, no Muslim means no more problem to me.

And the worst is the translating people. Someone could be translating and making the decision of what to do with my English posting or something. If I write a novel, these people would take the plot and claim me for anything dangerous from the contents. I'm a writer and enough harassment on me. Also, these Muslim pretending people from Fusion Center learning experience would be just the sex maniac and power maniac to be safe among their own. Just like the Dubrovnik people. They would be mean and start doing the thievery but the guests would enjoy the sightseeing in the area. A bad person with the wealth would share the room for others who could be a threat and they could take advantage to be rich and claim something from the stranger's belongings as the penalty of being their and not paying enough as they want. So, that is the normal way of being a reptilean these day for the mean people.

And another issue is the silly sex offenders who are working for the porno making jobs for their police text making and even to be paid by the Saudi military who love Christians to be raped for fun. So, these people would just accuse the Christians by the male Muslim informants for the police to let them have fun with the weak people from abroad who they have no obligation of protecting as only the citizens pay them the tax type reasoning and the lost items of the foreigners would be given back to the locals. So, why not let them robbed by our man? That is the attitude, these days for the foreigners. The Muslims would be just kicking around the Bibles in the Christian's room and even try to throw some Christian items into the dust bins or hiding something in the hotel rooms to lose some stuff. Then they would laugh at the believers. There is no God and no one help the Bibles to be ruined by these Muslim terrorists. So, what is the point of being religious? I quit sometimes. I would be silly feeling how far I tried to be visiting Vatican and getting harassed in the churches by these pro-Muslim people. Even in Vatican, I saw the umbrella people and the Muslims around. So, I would better start sharing the facial photos of these Asian and other suspicious perpetrators as the dangerous people.