11 March, 2013

Yester day was the Muslim women group and today was of a Korean group

I have no idea why I encounter so many Koreans around in Croatia and Herzegovina. When I stayed in Zagreb, there were some Korean women showed up. And at Medjugorje, there was a big group of Korean including a 120cm tall boy with them for a week and later another senior Korean group came for few days.

Yesterday, I encountered a group of women with hijab showing up from the Cathedral of Domnius just before the evening mass. Today, I saw a group of Koreans showing up near the Golden Gate when I was heading to the church. The young males at the head of the group had video camera and cameras and filming, so I filmed them back for the evidence. It sounded like they are talking Korean but I was not sure. When I arrived at the church, I saw some more Asians walking from the area where I walked toward the church, but they just passed by and walked into the palace. So many Asians around and it was not like that yesterday. Are they perps? At least, the only tourist group I saw today was this Korean one.

Enjoy the video.