27 March, 2013

Trogr and the German and Asian perps

I visited Trogr today. I was checking the old churches in the area. I found a church located to the north of the city, but when I went there, it was just a residential area. However, the spot there supposed to be a church got so many people working or walking on the street. You know, how many neighbors in the residential area are outside just hanging around or doing something in their gardens at the same time? I think that tells the strangeness of the gang stalking.

Also, I saw many German cars even in such a rural area north of Trogr. I saw two German cars, and one I took picture and is available in the film below. Another one I missed but was a white sedan with a German license number with MK 257. I collected quite a lot of German perp car license numbers today.

When I went to the bathroom in a restaurant and went out, there was an Asian woman stood for waiting her turn. There are not so many Asians in Dalmatia and I only saw one Asian person today in Trogr and it was her!!! How this happens?? Moreover, she was inside for awhile when I sat at the outside table waiting my cappuccino. She seemed to be alone and just left the restaurant and did not sit down inside or something. Perhaps, that is how we can tell who is definitely a perpetrator. Here is her picture for asking further information. Who is this strange woman? A Japanese? A Korean??

 When I went back to Split, there are some Asians on the street. I saw two small groups but not so many Asians like a large tourist group.