15 March, 2013

A stranger asked me where I came from

I have been asked twice my origin today - by a stranger near the harbor and by the bus driver. Around noon, I was eating my bread for the lunch at the bench facing the sea, an elderly man suddenly tried to communicate me and asked me where I came from. First he asked me if I came from Taiwan. I don't know why Taiwan, though. I did not answer, and he asked me if I came from Tokyo. He was talking in English, so I assume he was expecting me to speak English. I did not want to communicate with him just giving the information he wants. I said that I came from Switzerland instead, just as usual. I answered his question in German instead. Well, he does not understand me saying Switzerland or Schweiz anyway.

Here is the video of him. Well, the V2K perps were saying that they need the evidence of me hanging around with someone for "dating" or at least for the claim of prostitution or something. I film people if they communicate with me in a strange manner like suddenly disturbing the time when I'm eating my bread alone at the seaside. The V2K perps says that they need a film of someone going with me to my place or at least to the building where I'm staying. I usually try to check the path around the entrance and enter, so it is a bit hard for them for sure.

I don't know what happened, but the movie does not come with the sound. I filmed it with my new camera and had no problem. Ah, I tried to upload it and found the file is in MTS format. I need to convert it to small volume as it got about 181MB. I'll add it here after the evening mass.