31 March, 2013

German perp car list

Here are some of the license numbers of the German perps around me these days. I got one US diplomat car around the spot where the Germans often parked their cars. It was funny as they stopped to park there after I filmed and added them on my OSAM videos. Well, there is someone laughed at the end.. hmmm? I hope the owner is not working for the CIA..
It's really sick that I got some underwear tampered in a strange way and my VAIO not starting. It seems my damage is bad like in München, so I guess I have freedom and rights to share some of the suspicious people around for my safety and the prevention of further damages from their COINTELPRO activities.

D: KA 4004
D: HH JT(J?) 4477
D: EN CI 402
D: MTK DM 969

I will add some more for the reminder here.