10 March, 2013

Islamization of Croatia and Obama's war on Vatican

I hope you enjoyed reading the last post about Obama is expecting to put the health policy and regulations that contradict Christian beliefs and the new CIA chief is a Muslim American who was converted in Saudi Arabia. I'm a Catholic and never missed to get the communion since my baptism few years ago. In Germany, I got some perps who are Muslims and engaged in the gang stalking. There are some Muslim women who entered the Catholic church in Istanbul and there were 3 suspicious Muslim women taking portrait in front of the DOM church in Fleising. I don't know it is a common practice for the Muslims to visit churches these days.

I attended the evening mass in the church in Split. On the way to the church, I encountered a man with walking sticks. When we passed each other on the narrow stone paved path, he spoke out telling me he is helping police. I decided to take the picture of him for the evidence. Then I continued my way to the church. There were some Muslim women walking out from the church and my camera was ready thanks to that suspicious man with walking sticks. There were about 7 to 10 Muslim women walked out from the church entrance. There were few women with kids on the street for the typical perps for the Catholic TIs to make child-molester/pedophilia claims. When I was near the entrance, I saw the Muslim women talking to the woman with kid, so I filmed their activities. Muslims perps are friends of those women with kids harassing the Catholic TIs. Enough to say who are crashing the Catholic religion. At Medjugorje, some perps don't take communion and they can bring Muslims in the church. I'm warning about the insider job. How many Muslims walking around in Croatia comfortably? I think there are some traitors who are helping Saudi Arabia to do the counter on Anti-Terrorism.

The truth is, GWB Sr. and Bin Ladin's family got bank account in Deutsche Bank. There are many Muslims and even Muslim gang stalkers living in Germany. Right after the 911 attack on WTC, Bin Ladin's family was able to leave US to Saudi Arabia without any flight concern. Then US intelligence and the Islamic forces found the job on taking out Muslim extremists and religious reform on their society. NWO is the agenda mentioned by GWB about 10 years ago from 911. Who are the enemies? I'm not Muslim. I just got Japanese police (according to V2K) trying to get rewards on catching me - a suspicious person with Japanese passport being an ex-refugee and speaking multiple languages including Croatian and Arabic. Don't catch someone like St. Francis personality and wander-making, or the country would be crashed.. It was fun how I was at Our Lady of Knock when Japan got Tsunami and the nuke hazard, and I prayed for the "merciful death of the people" and ending up Japanese journalists and government officials encouraging people to eat agricultural products from Fukushima. God helps the weak and powerless, ok?