15 March, 2013

Gang Stalkers Photo Gallary

Here are some images of the perpetrators in my case. I just made those list and the Korean groups as I encountered so many Koreans when the gang stalking activities get wild. I don't know about the Korean priests if they are related with the gang stalking. They just happened to be with the group with Koreans who came just before a Japanese group which is really rare to find in Medjugorje even in summer time.

I will add some later and I make Muslim list for the next one as Muslims showing up so often in my case and I am assuming they might be related with those "insider job" cases for their snitch jacket. If gang stalking is a new phoneix program, then the TIs are used as the target of whatever the cops/government/extremists' claiming. Enough Muslims around? I post them for suspicion. I wanna live without potentially dangerous "falth witness" making groups. Just leave me alone.