05 June, 2015

Mt. Fuji human trafficker at the information center in Sarajevo

I went to the tourist information center in Stari Grad this morning. When I was asking about Jewish Tour, there was this Mt. Fuji T-shirt man stood behind of me. These two men asked about how to get to Moster. Asking the way to Moster is always the sensitization by the perps around.

I waited outside and saw them heading to the mosque nearby. I filmed all the way to there. So, they might be Muslims. What the Muslim gang stalkers doing against me? Do I need a yellow badge? Well, I have one always but I don't really use it unless any suspicion to be a Muslim or totally surrounded by Muslims... I will share the complete vids about them later in OSAM.

Ah, I will visit the Jewish Tour this afternoon as a private tour for 15€. I ate burek with potatoes for few marks. So, it should pay out with the tour price. I don't do anything after this tour and the Pope visit participation tomorrow.