15 June, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 15th, 2015

I saw Netherlands car twice - one at the bus stop and another at the place near I dropped out from the bus. It's far away from Netherlands and why they are driving here?

A woman in a group took a picture of the backwall pictuer in Vero Center. The woman had another person in the group with the Chinese tattoo. What does it mean?

An Asian man shortly came and took the picture of the downstair shopping center. He just left then.

Two men with 00 logo clothes.

I found my Sarajevo Mir Vama badge missing from my belonging. I bought it for 1€ as the souvenir and was in my shopping bag for quite a long time. I think it should be in the suitcase if it was still in the bag till I came back to my room on last Thursday. I bought few wappens with 2 Mir Vama for souvenirs as well as UNHCR cap 5€ for that one.  I forgot to lock my suitcase today. I suddenly remembered about the badge when I was at the bus stop waiting the bus to get to the bus station. I was tired at when I came back to Skopje but I just kept everything packed in two bags and my poach. The badge was in the shopping bag. I put it on the bottom with other things like soaps. It could be with the soaps but it wasn't. Then I might check the wappens. I put them together so they supposed to be around together as souvenir. Ah, I've got extra bosnian mark wappen the one with the Bosnian country and a sword on it with some letters on the bottom. I don't know what it is for but the one the clerk accidentally added to my purchase together. I thought of giving it away at Hostel ZemZem as I don't really need the Bosnian wappen. Then it went missing. I guess that one might be also found somewhere.