07 June, 2015

Yesterday was Mt. Fuji and today was Sapporo and one more woman for pickpocketing in front of the Pope

When I was waiting the Pope to show up in front of the Presidency building in Sarajevo, this man suddenly came and stood behind of me. Sapporo logo. No way of seeing someone with such a unique T-shirt like yesterday.

I moved to another place as I thought he could be a pickpocket like Germans tried during June 2013. My wallet was stolen around that time. And still some Germans were stalking me from the behind.

I moved to another spot and there were some more people came near me. It was in front of the entrance and was the best spot for waiting the Pope for taking pictures. Indeed, there are many people waiting there as well. After I took the picture, there was a couple behind of me complaining about the woman who stood next to me stealing something from my Samsonite poach. Say, this is not the normal situation for the people to steal something. There are many video cameras and camera crews behind of the line waiting to take the photos of the Pope. And why someone wants to take the risk of being caught by someone else during the time to take photos of the Pope? Well, it's possible that everyone is watching the Pope and won't be checking their own or others bags. But the woman next to me stole my ID photos in a small plastic bag. Later, a man gave me the packet back. It was in my prayer bag in the Samsonite poach. It sounded like how my L.L. Bean leather bag was stolen at the counter of Brussels Nord metro ticket seller.

Here is the video about the incident. I don't think something else was stolen. There could be 50KM bank note in the prayer book as well.

Oh, I have another occasion waiting the Pope car to pass the street. There was an old man stood near the Croat group. A German photographer came and then few more tried to occupy the spot and the old man left there. Germans stood nearby. Nothing seemed to be stolen this time though. How come Germans came and tried to be near me? There were over 65000 people visited for the stadium mass and around in Sarajevo today.

And an Asian man near me. He had some Arabic looking tattoos in his arm.