23 June, 2015

I'm finishing my Gang Stalking in Churches book

I have been working on the gang stalking book about the churches and Christianity since 2012 when I was still in Germany. I haven't have chance to finish it and I had some problem. I don't know why I just had to stop writing about it. Well, one occasion, the file was crashed and I only had the old file with me in a html file as an additional format copy. Well, it's around 50 pages long and over 20,000 words. It looks over 75% done. I just need to add some parts and edit other areas by rereading it. Hopefully, I can make it on the shelf for sale by this weekend.

I have weak WIFI and today I found it still working. Well, I hope I can type it write later.

My life in Budva? I type in moring and go to the beach in afternoon for swimming and reading the ebooks and studying Croatian from the textbook. Then I go to a gym nearby at night. I'm eating more fruits and cheap fastfoods with salad and all the vegies. Not bad to be in the area with touristic attraction.