26 April, 2013

I'm back from the trip to the country side.

Unfortunatelly, I did not have an access to the Internet while I was staying in a small village. Well, it's very small, so it was easy to know who are the foreigners. There are some Germans as well and it happened like a guest wearing a hood on her sweatshirt in morning in a chapel and she and others engaged in a chatting of Muslim extremists after the 911. Well, I guess that's something we, TIs, call gaslighting. The country side has very few population and I could get a job there. Well, the people I know are nice but some visitors like the person I mentioned above is acting a bit wierd. Then I decided to create a leaflet of the people doing the gaslighting in Germany and how my religoius items, especially rosaries, are damaged from the possible Black Bag jobs. For the COINTELPRO, the perps bring the people oppose the target, e.g. the Muslims to harass the Christian target. It's just terrible that some priests and friars are engaged in the gang stalking for their political or the demand from the community.

These church attending perps might be thinking to set up a way to limit the strangers to visit their churches. It's a typical Weimar Republik Polizei or Homeland Security mentality to keep everyone under control and take out the one who seems not to fit in "their" society. If the church workers are bullies and shut out the people they don't like, what kind of the church it look like? A Nazi-church? I know there should be a demand for the church to stop letting wicked people go in.. like the punk type people only their for the harassment and making fun of the religious people. That is more like for these perps who are there only for the surveillance of the TI and not taking communion. There are some churches only accept those people who don't take communion and just siting near the strangers and the priest making fun of the stranger.  I think that kind of church lost its holiness and just happened to be there for the cultural event. Attending a church does not require faith, you know. It's like just be there and act properly for the wedding ceremony or funeral without emotion. It's very sad that many people these days don't have any happiness receiving communion or participating the prayers. Nowadays, the church is under the control of the military and the police and be used for the tool of the civil control. But seeing perps in the church makes us to learn how some people act like as if we live in the police state.

I'm gonna post the anti-Muslim propaganda and some suggestions for the revised version of German's "Iron Hammer" for the Muslim extremist search and destroy strategy. I think if they want to take out the possible Muslim extremists, they can just do something to take out the mosques and its members from the community instead of searching inside of the churches. Maybe, we need a petition for reducing the number of the mosques and make an international law to put RFID chips on every Muslims around the world. It's a big shame for the people who are harassing Christians for mobbing and claiming them as Muslims - are they ten year old kids or what? Thus, I got better "Iron Hammer for Muslim extremist hunting" than the current one used by the Germans. It comes with the method of Spanish and Croats. I'm not responsible for the execution of these strategies. That's for the perps who are really willing to take Muslims out from the society. I don't care if the Koran is banned and vanished from the world just like what happened to the Mayan literature.