07 April, 2013

The Japanese artists on the street in Assisi

I do not know how many Japanese visit Assisi for pilgrimage or for painting. But here is what I saw and what happened yesterday. There was a Japanese-looking woman showed up right after I entered a Pizza store and ordered a pizza before my turn. Later, I saw a group of Japanese going down the street. Much funny thing was happened today, but this one I wrote on another post. How many people working for the church intelligence and engaged in the gang stalking? One of the Japanese painter has the family name "Noro" and it might be visible in my video. The V2K perps say that they want to make me look like either Muslim or not-religious. If they know my blog, they cannot make up such claim for their own promotion or benefits. The decide who is Muslim by the majority vote by themselves - the typical communism, right? That is why their religion is fake as they don't care about the individual faith anymore. If you say credo in a group, you would be recognized as one of those faithful, but if your leader does not believe what you say, you won't be part of it. I don't know who took out the religous right these days... only for the search and destroy purpose to make up someone as a Muslim? Today's German perp car is "EC 2575."