06 April, 2013

The strange Japanese couple showed up near San Damiano church

It's very rare to see Japanese tourists in Assisi as most Japanese are Buddhists, even that is what the perps would say. I saw them and filmed them this morning. The nearest church except San Damiano would be quite far and it was strange area for the people to get a room and heading to the morning mass in the city. Why those people are there? If they are Catholic, they could attend the mas at San Damiano instead of wondering around.

Also, I got some perpetrators in the lower town of Assisi near the big church there. There were some black men selling umbrellas near the paid bathroom. These men seemed to be going home when I was about to leave the area and decided to stay to wait for the evening Museum opening hours. However, they came back and were selling umbrellas again when I was walking nearby. Alto, there were two beggars at the church. I filmed one when I was heading to the bathroom and saw these black men selling umbrella strangely. I guess, they seemed to be working with the local police as one of them were talking loud about how the people targeted by police won't go to heaven or something. This part would be on the film when I was inserting the coin to the toilette entrance machine. When I left the bathroom, the guy shouting started spreading some rumors to the young people who were also hanging around with them. I filmed them for their "typical gang stalking activity of bad rumor spreading among their friends." Enjoy the "sheep-looking people" doing some covert operation there. BTW, I paid 10€ note at the museum reception but the female clerk returned me only 5€ note and a 50cent coin. I was short in coins, so I can tell the expected change she gave me was not right. What happened to 2€? Well, she attached a paper telling the same ticket is valid in some museums in the area, so it might paid out for the extra 2€.

The V2K perps say that they want to make me look committing suicide. If something happens to me, these perps - especially the Japanese ones might be responsible. My hotel got free breakfast, but it's just strange that no one eat the tarte there. There were 5 of them left, and I ate one each day. But now only 3 and no other guest is eating it. Well, the V2K perps say that they are poisoning me with the chemical that causes brain tumor. I go through so many threats. Well, if the gang stalking existed in the time of St. Francis, he would be simply ending up in the jail by the people who claim him as a thief or mentally ill by stripping himself off at a church. Sometimes, an ideal is not ideal for the mean people who only look for what they can use of. The V2K perps said that the religion is for the military, and they use it to gather the wealth to support the military in that way. Well, that works for the CIA and the intelligence people who need the special funding for their covert operation. How many churches are clean these days? The clean ones might loose the patrons and are forced to merge into another order, right?