13 April, 2013

An encounter with a Muslim in the bus

I visited Santa Maria del Divino Amore today. On my way, I saw a Muslim woman in the bus. She later moved to the seat in front of me and sat there for awhile, then she later moved to somewhere front. I have no idea if that was a perp's skit on Muslim conspiracy or their false witness strategy to confirm me with a Muslim woman. Anyway, it would be safe to share the information of what happened today like this way. Also, there was a strange man in the metro walking around and talking something. A man with some injury or disability showed up at night when I was at a restaurant. He did not talk but gestured of eat. Well, he seemed to have no injury on his mouth or throat, so I don't know why he could not talk. Maybe, that was the skit of mental disease by the perps. There are bunch of funny people, Muslims, homeless in Rome.

Today, I accidentally forgot to lock my backpack and I left my HP laptop, a handy scanner, a pen tablet, my diploma certificates unsafe. I hope no one damaged them. The recent damage happened was at Assisi and it was the zipper part of my bathroom bag. Well, here is the picture of the damage. It seems the damage is artificial and someone ripped that part off with a tool. Thus the zipper cannot close nor move from that position. Enough gang stalking? I hope church workers and Catholics should not do something that terrible to a pilger. Well, there would be even friars helping the gang stalking in Assisi, so the Targeted Individuals are hopeless getting help in such a "supposed to be" safe area. Maybe, Medjugorje is also getting unsafe and no more safety in the "supposed to be" peaceful villages. Who's fault is this? I hope the perpetrators should understand such damages are actually a criminal action against an innocent person. A witch hunting in Assisi, right?