13 April, 2013

"UN investigates Electromagnetic Terrorism" - NEWS

I found an interesting post from my TI friend at FB. It seems the UN is now interested to check the danger of EM for the human health. Well, the UFO abductees often got some implants in their bodies and some human experiments done by the US Army got some effect with the EM. So, I guess, it can help to prevent anyone with the EM or the HUM problem not simply categorized as mentally ill or something of un-scientific reasoning.
The health effects of electromagnetic fields are hugely controversial, whether it’s power lines being linked to leukemia or the impact of mobile phone radiation on your brain. Which makes it particularly surprising that electromagnetic (EM) radiation is being considered as a possible terrorist weapon. A UNESCO Seminar last month considered the "Potential Threat as a Terrorism Agent" of EM fields: