08 April, 2013

A friar asked me if I speak Japanese or Chinese today

I think there is the massive Japanse speaking gang stalkers showing up in Assisi these days. Also, there are suspicious people showing up in the mass. Well, it's a bit late and I need to wake up early tomorrow, so I cannot write all the details now. I put information in my video though. Well, I went to a church for the evening mass, and I was looking for a bathroom as I walked all the way down to that church. The restaurant in front of the church was open but no one inside. The restaurant had tables at the entrance gate with some bevarages on it. I don't know if that was a bait for theft claim or something.

I entered the church when the rosary prayer started, and I saw the door to the internal area of the church was open and saw some people inside. So, I wanted to ask someone to use the bathroom. Then there was an Asian friar and he asked me if I speak Japanese. Then he talked to me in Chinese. I had no idea why there is a friar who suddenly asking me for Japanese. Well, there would be more Korean Catholics than Japanese. So, I thought he might be helping the gang stalkers. I just turned on my digital camera, as the conversation might become suspicious. When I asked him about bathroom, he said "password." This part is recorded in my camera, and it seems a typical gaslighting. If you check my recent twitter post, you will see how I was afraid of someone hacking my Gmail while I forgot to sign out after using the hotel computer. I'm using it right now. There are two part of the film as the first one got some wierd video missing part. The conversation with the friar is at the last part on the second one.

I just find two girls showed up and left from the entrance door with a small dog, then they went back and disappeared. Perhaps they might be perps checking my room now. I just got so many perps here in Assisi.

I will get wifi in 18 hours, so I can use my PC for better blogging.