09 April, 2013

German groups at Assisi

I did not move to another place yesterday. It was just a simple mistake of not checking the date before posting my blog. Well, I will move to Roma today for visiting 7 churches and to see the new pope. It was a very funny fact that I was thinking to visit Vatican on last Christmas but I ended in Krakow in Poland and the pope is replaced.. I could see Benedict XVI before he retired after studying in Munich and learned about him. Well, I got some Germans tracking me down here and it got quite serious.
 Yesterday, there was a group of German youth came in St. Stefano church when I was praying there. They just sat down on the benchs and remainded there till I was about to leave. And in San Damiano church, another German group came but they eventually left. One of them had a flute but she did not pray it. I had a roommate before who plays flute professionally. She sat in front of be and was just making very small noise. You can check her out in my video.