30 May, 2015

My new mouse got problem with left button clicking

Last week, I had a problem with the left button with the old MS mouse. I had been using it from my Switzerland living time. The mouse got left button with no clicking spring feeling and could not work. I opened it and still got problem, so I left it there.

I bought a new small cheap one at Velo Center supermarket. It was 245DIN or so and of X5 Tech made. It was working properly with relatively big clicking noise. When I came home from the gym and was playing Candy Crush on FB games, the Chrome browser suddenly frozen. So, I tried to restart it and my netbook only capable to get to the admin part with - restart, switch the user and such. But I could not do anything from there and I just turn it off by clothing the netbook and took off the battery and the cable to cut the resume function.

The Windows booted up normal. The mouse was working with only right click functioning with roller and movement OK. No left mouse functioning. I found out the left clicking was working when I clicked the left button for a long time and somehow it worked. But not all the time working.

What is the problem with the left button?